Ever since marinuan was banned in 1937 biased reserach has been conducted and released in media awarness programs . No matter example best represent s this than a Parnership for a drug – free America televion ad. In the televion ad they find showed a normal human brainwave and second a flat brain wave from a 14 year old on marinuana. Several researchers were disguested by the ad and called up tv networks to complanin about the commercial. As a result of htis the patnership had to pull i from the air. Ther commerical was revealed to be completely bogus, it was in fact the exact opposite of the truth. Marinuana actually increases alpha wave activity in the brain. Alpha wave are often associated with human creativity. In other cases drug awareness groups and the government draw conclusions from insubstantial evidence and us them in their anti-marinuana capaigns. Most of the scary statistics and studies that the government uses in their anit-marinuana campaigns are based on the search of dr. gabriel anhas. In on of his experiements he suffocated monkeys with marinuan for five minutes at a time. He repeated over a period of six months and concluded that marinuana casued brian damage. Being suffocate dwith any kind of smoke would cause brain damage. If marinuana were elgalize d it could free up the clogged court system, saving time and money. I would allow the police to focus on more serious drgus. If it were legalized it could be taxed and the government oculd generate billion.s The government would also generate money by taxing the manufactures and retailers of marijuana. Hemp based products are already hot property in North AmericanWords
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