Drew Wahlund

Jeff Stephenson
Argument paper
11 November 2004
Gun Control
In the U.S. today we have an estimated “two hundred and twenty million
firearms, and around sixty million actual firearm owners.” (“Statistics”)
Without firearms we would not be here today. Guns are not something we are
unfamiliar with, we see them everywhere wither it’s on the news, out
hunting, or in the 4th of July Parade. Many believe gun laws should have a
more strict laws, and other oppose what we have now is fine.

The reason why guns are allowed to poses is due to the Second
Amendment of the Constitution, which states “A well regulated Militia,
being necessary to the security of a
free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be
infringed.” (“Second Amendment”) This amendment was intended mainly to
protect the right of the states which allows them to maintain militias, and
assure their own freedom, plus allowing security against the central

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Some may wonder why handguns are legal to poses, since the only reason
for them is to kill. “Over fifty five percent of handguns are used in
murders according to FBI crime report, 1997.” (“FBI report”) Since hand
guns are small and convenient they are also easy to conceal. The only place
that may be hard to access with a concealed gun is an airport. Other than
this you can basically go any where carrying a concealed weapon with nobody

There are many people today in Minnesota that actually do carry
handguns with them but are not intended to kill somebody. They use them for
self defense in the case of danger. This doesn’t mean that they may carry a
weapon any where. Companies or public buildings may deny a person who has a
concealed weapon, and is usually stated on a sign in front of the business.

A second reason for owning handguns is for enjoyment or a hobby. People
strictly own handguns for collection, or target shooting.

Types of assault rifles have a large range of selection. You may
purchase one with semi automatic which will fire a shot after each pull of
the trigger, or fully automatic which shoots one round after another. The
only reason for one of these is to maximize lethal effects through a rapid
rate of fire. The question is why people are able to purchase such a weapon
if this is all that is used for. If a law was passed to ban assault weapons
from civilians and only allow the weapon for law enforcement and military
use why would anybody complain? But this law would allow civilians to keep
there hand guns and long guns. If a law was ever created such a way, it may
eliminate such a disaster as a terrorist attack or prevent such incidents
as columbine.

Recent statistics have been collected by cities, states, and the
federal government, “assault weapons are rarely ever involved in crime,
usually accounting for 0.1 to 0.3% of crime type guns, and an estimated
involvement of 0.5% of homicides.” (“Assault”) Even though they are highly
available, their use in crime is dropping rather than increasing. Even
though larger city police forces have usually attacked the firearms, their
departments have not seen a problem. If a ban was in place it would create
two concerning results: organized crime would be given a new source of
revenue through trafficking in newly banned materials, plus ordinary
citizens would be mistreated from their government.

Some ways to prevent or minimize the way fire arms get into the wrong
hands would be locking firearms up with either a safe a trigger lock or a
cable lock, which is a feed through the chamber preventing the action to
close. Firearms in the home with children should have special privileges.

The children should be educated on the effects and dangers of weapons plus
their outcomes when used. If everyone was cautious with the use of weapons
there should be now incidents that cause death.

As you can see that both arguments have there points, but are hard to
argue do to the emotion of which side you are on. The problems with
firearms only occur with the user and what mental state they’re in. Some
problems may be eliminated due to stricter gun laws but may have no affect
since anyone may find a loop hole. If hand guns are not available to the
public of course nobody will be able to defend them self if ever such
occasion occurs. The statistics with assault rifles clearly show there are
no problems with murder rate. With this type of argument you could go back
and fourth and never find a better solution. For now the best option for
gun control is what we have now.


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