Dreams Dreams, why do we dream. I thing we dream because we are thinking while we are sleeping and our brain puts those thought into a weird movie in our head. Some people think dreams are the keys to lifes problem. They say in your dreams there are symbolic things that mean something different. I dont know about all that but it has some truth behind it.

In the dream journal I had a whole bunch of dreams that didnt make much sense. They are hard to write down. But in my day dream journal I can usually control my day dreams, and they make more sense. My day dreams and night dreams are not the same at all because my day dreams make sense and my night dreams dont. Like for example, in my day dream journal I basically dream about stuff I would like to do.

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But in my night dreams I do a bunch of stuff that I would never do. As for the theories that explain why we dream I dont think the books really apply to mine because my dreams are weird and make no sense. I think that when I go to sleep my brain is still awake, and it is sending off thoughts at random. And then it puts them together to try to make sense of it. Sometimes it makes sense, but usually they end up all messed up. In conclusion I feel that we dream because our brains send off thoughts at random while we sleep and out brains put those thoughts into a movie, that for me never makes sense.

My day dreams are nothing like my night dreams, because my day dreams are more realistic and make sense and my night dreams dont.


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