Dream Theater

“Metropolis Part II: Scenes From A Memory”
Live Sound
Critique6 – CD #1
The long-anticipated new release from progressive metal giants, Dream
Theater finally lays in my hands. It seems that everything this band does
gets better and better with every project. Everything on this cd is
superb, and I say that no only because I am a fan. Everything was very
sharp and clear in the mix for the majority of the album. The other part
was a little hard to tell what was going on. At one point during the
guitar solos on one of the tracks about half way through, the guitar seemed
to gain a bunch of high-end, making it sound really bright. This was an
okay effect for the song, but I hope they don’t use it again unless they
know what they are doing. There is also a part where the distortion seems
to just crunch the guitars horribly.

The vocals are excellent on James LaBrie’s part, but for some reason
the mix just didn’t sound like his voice all that much. This kept up for
the whole cd. It was almost as if there were absolutely no lower tones in
his voice and that the vocal track didn’t make it to the master mix. I
like the vocals and they sound great indeed, but I was slightly curious by
this. What made them want to do this to his vocals? I think it fits well
with the theme of the cd, but it is very different form past Dream Theater

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As for the rest of the instruments, I like the overall sounds. If I
were to nitpick it track by track, I’d find a few that just aggravated the
last nerve in my body, but there are also some parts where the guitars
sound so fluid and natural that I can’t believe it’s on a cd. Sometimes
the guitars are a little too bright and twangy. I don’t like twangy
guitars, they give me a headache and make me want to stop playing the disc.

This only happens in about one or two of the songs on the whole cd. The
keyboards sound great and stand out when they are supposed to. The bass
has a nice “present, but not overwhelming” feel. The drums are really
brought to life in the songs on this disc, there is not a lot of that muted
sound that sometimes goes along with drum kits.

Overall, I give this cd a 9 out of 10, for excellent production on
a professional level that surpasses most bands’ greatest achievements.


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