Author-Barbara Hambly
Publisher-Balentine Books Date of Publication-1987 The
setting for Dragonsbane was in about the 1400s in a place
called Wyr. Jenny John and Gareth are the main characters.

Jenny is a wizard women who is always trying to advance
her skills but still isnt very good. John is Jennys husband
and is also a dragons bane, which means that he has slayed
a dragon. Gareth is a prince whos hero is John. And final
Zyerne, she is also a wizard women whom is the most
powerful in the land. Gareth comes up from the South to ask
of Johns assistance in slaying a dragon that is threatening the
Kings lands. John decides to go with him and talk to the
king. When they get there they find out that Zyerne is holding
the king under some sort of spell and using him for her
bidding. John talks to the king and gets ready to slay the
dragon. He asks Jenny to make the most powerful poisons
she can and then dips his harpoons in it. John then rides off
to slay the dragon. When the battle his over Jenny goes out
to were the battle happened and finds the dragon and John
lying in bloody pools and realizes that john is still alive. She
takes him back to camp and puts healing spells on him. She
then goes back to the dragon and sees that he is still alive to.

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The dragon told her that if she healed him that he would tell
her where the books of healing were in the caves called the
deep so she could heal John. She agrees and the dragon
through telepathy shows her the way in the maze of tunnels.

It is always said to save a dragon is to slave a dragon for
life. So Jenny saved the dragon and John. Zyerne was
waiting for them to kill the dragon so she could take over the
deep because of the huge amounts of gold in them. So
Zyerne came and tried to kill the dragon and Jenny but failed
and she was killed. The dragon through all of this fell in love
with Jenny and asked her to turn into a dragon and return
with him to were the dragons lived. She decided that she
would turn into a dragon and return with him. On her way
back to were the dragons live she realized how much she
missed her husband and kids so she changed back into a
human and went home. I thought the book was very
interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. I thought it
described how each individual in the story felt very good,
like when Jenny was trying to decide weather to become a
dragon or to say a human.


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