Dolphins Some people claim that dolphins and whales communicate in such a way that it is very similar to human speech. An analysis will be coucted to determine if there is more similarity or difference between these animals and humans. Dolphins are aquatic mammals closely related to whales. They are sleek and powerful swimmers. They can be found in all seas around the world. It is interesting to point out that they spend about 99% of their time on the water.

This affects their consciousness. It means that they have strong feelings and willpower. These animals have the ability of swimming at speeds of up to 30 km per hour. Their lungs are adapted to resist the physical problems created by rapid changes in pressure. Another characteristic of dolphins is that they eat an amount of food , mostly fish and squid, equivalent to nearly one third of their weight.

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Dolphins can learn and remember things, whether the information arrives through their ears or eyes. They can also distinguish different items and understand a visually based sign language. They see well both under water and in air. However, dolphins vision is better at distances greater than one meter. In water their vision is best at distances of less than a meter. Neverless, they don’t seemed to posses true color vision. Dolphins can produce a wide variety of sounds including clicking and whistles. They communicate with each other under water, and their sounds in the air are attempts to speak with people.

They also sed out calls and warning signals. It represents a behavior similar to the human beings. In the animal kingdom, dolphins are the best users and perceivers of sound. They are able to recognize different melodies and sounds. Their vocalization is produced by forcing air back an forth between air sacs inside their bodies. Without this communication and interdependence they would have disappeared from the planet, having joined the dinosaurs as an extinct specie, among others. The voice of the dolphins in air is like the humans.

They can pronounce vowels, but have difficulties with consonants. This situation means that they have a voice that sometimes could be perceived as a human voice. Dolphins know that certains gestures and sounds symbolize a particular command, and they always want to understand it. These animals have a brain larger than a human.


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