Differences Between High School And College

Differences Between High School And College I have noticed a few differences between high school and college. I spent all four years in high school, and graduated this past year. I have only spent a half of a semester in college, not giving me a full evaluation of college. In high school, you couldnt do that much as a freshman. You really didnt know what to expect coming from middle school, just that it was a new place to learn. Following the rules was a necessity.

If you didnt get in good with a couple of teachers, the rest of your high school years could be treacherous. Although, if you could get through your freshman year, the other three are a breeze. During your sophomore through senior year, you had made friends with most teachers and could get by with almost anything. If you were in any class with that certain teacher, she would probably let you do favors for her to get you out of class. She would also let you go do things you needed to do, always giving you a good grade, and you didnt even have to show up to class most of the time. I thought high school was the easiest part of my school days.

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College is a totally different atmosphere. You still have the same freedom you had in high school, but you dont have to go to class if you dont want to. The disadvantage is, you cant make up any work you missed either. In high school, if you missed three or four days you got the same amount of time to make it up. Here at Maple Woods, there are very few sports you can get into.

I think the only sports they have are baseball and softball. In high school, you can get into any sport you can think of. Another thing is that you dont have to be on time, or stay the whole time. You can get up and leave at anytime you want. The reason for that is, you are paying for your credits, if you dont pass you dont get the credit.

That is a waste of money, and no one likes to waste money. I prefer college, because you get to make your schedule. You can come in as early as eight in the morning, and leave as late as eight at night. It makes it much more convenient for those who work forty or more hours a week. Even though I prefer college now, I still think high school was the best years of your life. Education Essays.


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