Difference of psychopath and psychotic

Difference Between Psychotic and Psychopath
People that are classified as psychotic are very different from people that are
labeled as psychopaths. People classified as psychotic have a disease that is in the
category for the most severe forms of mental illnesses. These diseases include
schitzophrenia and manic depression. These diseases are caused by a chemical
imbalance in the brain that causes delusions, halucinations, and apathy.
Schitzophrenia can be found in three forms: paranoid, catatonic, and
undifferentiated. People with manic depression have complete changes in
personality. The changes are complete opposites which is why the disease is also
referred to as bi-polar disease. Both of these diseases are treatable but, can be
Psychopaths however do not have a disease. Their problem comes from
abuse which does not cause diseases in the category of psychotic. The people that
are labeled as psychopaths have a flaw in their character. The flaw is that they are
unable to feel emotions. These people have been abused so much that they can not
feel remorse. People that are psychopaths are very good liers and can fake that they
care but, they are unable to. They lack a conscience. These people are symbolically
seeking revenge for what was done to them when they were children.

The overall difference between psychotics and psychopaths is that
psychopaths problems come from abuse and psychotics problems do not. Psychotic
diseases are also inherited and can be the most dangerous.

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