Did God Create Humans Or Did Humans Create God

Did God Create Humans Or Did Humans Create God? Who Made Who Who made who? Did God create humans or did humans create god? At first thought one would of course say God created humans. Man cannot create god! What fool would dare say such a thing! After all the definition of God says that it is the supreme being and the divine creator, not the divine creation. So of course God created man, right? Or shall we dig a little deeper into this question and examine it from the other side? Is God just a figment of mans elaborate imagination? Could it be that God is a mythological tool used by man to manipulate the mind to give explanations to the unexplainable? If this is true then humans created god. Since the beginning of mankind, gods and goddesses have been attendant in all cultures all over the world. In ancient times such as ancient Egypt man had numerous gods for individual necessities.

The Egyptians made sun, moon, rain, and fire gods in which they would worship relentlessly in fear that the “Gods” would punish them by causing a drout, fire, or other natural disasters. These kind of early primitive form of gods were created by humans in shier ignorance. They couldn’t comprehend how the world functioned. All they knew was that there were necessities in the world that were vital to their survival such as the sun. They were oblivious to what the sun was, but they knew it was consequential to their existence so they labeled it as a god. Years past, and as time went by man obtained more and more knowledge about the Houck 2 environment in which they inhabited. With Knowledge came the dawn of a new breed of gods.

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Gods that would satisfy mans starving imagination and explain their existence. Expanding from the elementary elemental based gods of the Egyptians came more evolved gods. Gods that were more than just dominators over the elements. Gods that expressed a plethora of emotions toward man and became a more personal form of a God. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Muslim are just a few examples of the contemporary religions that were created between 2500 BCE to 500 CE . Why haven’t there been any new religions created within the last 1,500 years? The answer is simple. The human race as a whole has become so abundant with knowledge that we aren’t nearly as nieve and susceptible to manipulation anymore. Therefore no new creationist religions have been originated. Sights that would have served as a miracle 2000 years ago have now boiled down to simple explanations of science. For example, in the Bible, Genesis 9:14-15 it reads ; “It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, I shall set my rainbow to be seen in the cloud; “And I shall remember My covenant which is between Me and you; The waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.”.

To translate this into more simple terms it implies that God created the rainbow after the great flood as a reminder to man that God will never flood the Earth again. Present day people now know that a rainbow is nothing more than a reflection and refraction of the sun’s rays in drops of water that form the colors in the spectrum. There is no miracle in this although a rainbow is an exceptional sight. It is a hard pill to swallow to think that one religion is right and the other is wrong. Particularly when there is such a vast array of religions in this world. Religion is a peculiar and mind boggling part of life.

Although religion is contrived by man it is still righteous and inspires Houck 3 love and good will to all. Religion is the transparent glue that holds mankind together. Like all things it has its down sides, but Surely one wouldn’t desire a world without religion. Man made or not. Mythology.


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