Self-development requires that you evaluate three precepts. They are, what it is that you wish to be, what it is that others believe you to be and what it is that you are. The educational experience of self-development of one’s life and soul is as ragged as an old wooden roller coaster. I remember the class that I was taking. It was a military class for my LPN. The desk that I sat at must have been from World War I. It was one of those desks that have the chair attached to it. The linoleum-covered wood had been chipped away about 75%. There was absolutely no comfort in that seat either. It was a thin piece of wood over a metal frame and the backing sat straight up.
Generalizing, it is easy to say that I am a very patient person. For that is what is instilled in most of us to be. To be good at all things, even though not all people are good at all things or even, not all people are capable of being anything other than people. Take for instance the instructor of the class. There was always a team of instructors. The primary instructor of this particular class was Staff Sergeant Fry. Now he is rugged. Very athletically built and able to run the 2-mile test with ease. Now he has a flat top haircut, chiseled eyes and wears his uniform starched. He falls into the category of not all people are good people. He has a dramatic effect and is more than willing to single a student out and demand a strenuous answer before the class.
As I sit at the desk during a period we are to write. I notice the desk’s top. I see some really old carvings of initials, dates, states and other pornographic pictorials. I see someone had sat in this chair in 1968. Perhaps that soldier was in a class in preparation for Viet Nam. Someone had written in black ink, the letters A.M. could that have been Audey Murphy? I take out my writing tablet full of white paper and black ink pen. I start to scribble a quick letter home.
After writing the letter, I flip the page and write. “Through the perception that I am a creation of God and nature results in the first step of my self-development. From now to the end of my life and soul I will walk through life with my satchels full of passion for family, reverence for my God and the spirit of peace for myself. Honesty and honor will be my blankets that shield me from a cold world. I will smoke nothing that seeks to destroy me. My pipe will be only filled with love that I willingly share with my mate. Woven in my hair shall be the feathers of greetings and welcome.
As tribute to those friends that seek out and find my brotherhood. Around my waist is the belt of duty. Through my dedication to duty I will give my vocation the homage and adoration of exceptional competence. This obtained through studious drive and skilled mastery. This belt holds together my public persona. Around my neck I wear the beads and brass of worldly connection. This is the beauty I wish the world to see in me. The beauty of the world I wish to see. The sparkle and luster of this world is greater than it is of darkness.

Upon my breast I wear the doeskin of courage. The courage to face all trials of life without hesitation or disappointment. The ability to take pain and manipulate it into peace. The courage to change the difficulties into positives. Upon my legs the doeskin of modesty. I wish to never be seen as arrogant or above station. To be humble without being humbled. Upon my feet the moccasins of virtue. That I may never walk in the path of wickedness. That my life will be clean and leave no disgrace. As I walk, God guides my steps and allows the rice paper to remain unbroken.

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In my right hand is the lance of discipline. Let all that know and are responsible to me be wary


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