Democratic Voices In A Changing Society

Democratic Voices In A Changing Society 1. Explain how people in a representative democracy can gain power to effect change. In a representative democracy, people can gain power to effect change by recognizing that one person can make a difference. For true change to occur, this one person must develop support from others for a common cause. For example, MADD was started by one woman in California who had a daughter that was killed by a drunk driver.

Due to the existence of sympathetic or empathetic mothers, the organization grew, and with their large numbers, acquired a voice that would change many state laws that relate to drunk driving. The key to initiating and effecting change in a representative democracy is one’s understanding that he/she can make a difference. 2. Explain the role of media in providing timely information for people in a democracy. In a democracy, the media provides timely information to the people in order that the people may make informed decisions on issues that the country, state, or local government is facing.

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Because any information or fact regarding one issue, no matter how close to a voting day, may sway the majority of the votes in one direction, media has realized the cruciallity of their providing timely information to the people. Additionally, if people in a democracy were not provided with information as quickly as the government officials, the people would feel as if they were being ignored by their own government, and would therefore want to cause a change in the system. Government Essays.


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