Definitions Flagella–A whip like structure uesed for movement. Anerobic–Do not need oxygen, found in the soil. Aerobic– Likes Oxygen, found in lungs. Saprobe–Helpful bacteria that ues the remains of dead plants and animals for food. Parasite–Oeganism that lives in or on another organism and harms it. Blue-Green Bacteria–Makes it’s own food.

Monerans–Kingdom of primitive organisms corsisting of bacteria and Blue-Green algae. Fission–A sexual reproduction. Cocci–Sphere shaped, strep throat. Baccili–Rod shaped,E.Coli. Spirilla–Spiral,in soil. Virus–Any of a group of disease producing agents composed of protein and nucleic acid. Vaccine–Contains viruses that are weakend or dead body makes antibodies angiant the virus. Endospore–Are formed when conditionsare harsh. Antibody–A substance prodused inthe blood or tissues that detroys or weakens bac.or neutralizes poisons produced by them. ESSAY 5 conditions needed for bac.

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to grow, moisture, temperature 25 C to 40 C, Darkness, Oxygen, Food present. 5 steps to Virel reproduction, 1. protein coat attaches to bacteria cell 2. Nucleic Acid is injected into cell,protein coat stays outside. 3.

Nucleic Acid (N.A.) directs bacterial cell to make more virus parts. 4. protein coats(p.c.) and N.C. from new viruses in side the bacteria. 5.

Viruses erupt out of bacterial cell and infect other cells. 3 steps in Fission 1. DNA molecule makes a copy of itself. 2. Cell membrane and cell wall grow inward. 3.

A new cell wall forms between the two cells,each new cell has an idntical piece of DNA. 4 charactirstics of monerans 1. All monerans are single celled 2. All monerans lack a nucles 3. All monerans have nuclic acid in the cytoplasm of the cell 4.

They have a cell wall and a cell membrane but no other organelles. 2 differantes between Bule- Green bacteria 1. Blue-Green bacteria make own food, most bac. cannot make thier own food. 2. Bacteria have a Flagella (most) Blue-Green bacteria do not have a Flagella.


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