.. t of the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, plans to embark on a human-embryo-cloning project aimed at developing therapies for treating conditions such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. . Cloning, once the most controversial issue in the world, was going to bring out the argument again. People get really confused in which side they would take.

Me too. In the very beginning, I felt horrible even though I just thought about cloning human. Its totally disrespect to Mother Nature and the God. Nature would surely punish those tried to change the nature should be. Later, when some scientist stand up for cloning technique, I began to waver.

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They said that the purpose of cloning tech is to solve some incurable disease, and they would never clone a creature without scientific use. What they said made sense to me that they are just trying to help people, trying to contribute to the gable society. Even since that, I began to teeter between two opposite opinion: YES or BAN. It may be a good idea to grab all the information and opinions from both anti and pro side, and provide a through look at the entire issue. This cloning thing may have incredible influence on our future. We have the duty to lead the research heading into the proper direction: Right direction can bring us a bright future, no more affliction by pain and illness; Wrong direction might turn our plant into a disordered world, scenes in sci-fi channel appear to reality? I cant even imagine.

So far, I suddenly have a fuzzy feeling that if chose Cloning as my research topic, I am not only doing the assignment, but also protecting the world, the human civilization. (?Teenager always likes to daydream!?) Yes, lets take this as my topic. Day7 Mrs. Ford taught us how to create a note card system. The note card taking is a great part of the research work.

A research paper is successful or not sometimes really depends on the materials and sources. The only way to provide these materials and sources is to create an efficient note card system. The textbook lists a standard way to create note card, I am sure it will work well. After all, note card is a tool to help you manage all the materials relate to the topic, it can only help you. So, as long as you can make good communication between note card and yourself, as long as you can make good use of these note cards, the note card system you created can be considered a good one.

I think we dont have to follow the standard all the way. We can have the system created in our own way if we understand the role that the system is playing. In my understanding to note card system, the main point is the information in the system should be accurate, concise and convenient to access. Accurate and concise require carefully research, faithfully record and creatively paraphrase/summarize; in the other hand, convenient access requires proper and recognizable index or initial. I am saying that the standard in the book is not good. I am just trying to say that you probably cant create an efficient system if you just follow the step in book aimlessly.

You have to think about how you are going to create your own system. Whats the main structure, whats the purpose and whats the proper way. Obviously, note taking is not an easy job. It takes time, effort and thought. I will try to settle it.

Day9 In the example paper The New Immigrants: Asset or Burden? writer used the results of her own interview as a different kind of material. It is kind of cool and also very persuasive. Sometime, opinions from the masses are more resonant than those from experts, because the readers are using the same way of thinking to these interviewees. It good to have Internet and email, these things have subtracted the distances between peoples. I can ask people for their comments for all sorts of thing just sitting at my computer and typing, no matter where they are.

I am thinking of doing my interview on Should we continue cloning research? through the Internet. I can mail a list of questions to all the people in my address book and ask them to answer the questions. They can also write down their opinions on the cloning issue, anti or pro, I can use them as my feedback to abject my hypothesis. I think it will help me a lot on my paper. After had a counsel with my group mate in another class, I bought out my initial hypothesis: Scientific cloning with some certain limits is helpful and hopeful for our future.

I will try to find out what kinds of limit should apply to cloning while list both anti and pros opinions and points of view in my paper. Day10 I was doing research online today. Maybe its a stereotype or maybe its true, I think I could find more materials and sources on the Internet than in the library. Therefore, I finished most my research at home and I found its not bad. I became kind of familiar with net search for materials: ProQuest Direct is a good option if you want to find something in periodical or newspaper.

The limit of ProQuest is you cant find anything else outside the periodical or newspaper, because the ProQuest is a product of UMI, which is one of the worlds largest information archivers and distributors. And the company only offers collection of journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers( l). In order to find other information online such as institutes reports or announcements from organizations, you may want to get some help from Internet search engines. Yahoo! ( is one of widely known search engines; HotBot ( is another one. By doing search through these engine, we can find a whole bunch of information from the entire network.

The disadvantage of doing search on search engine is you have to evaluate the information you found. Everyone can express himself or herself on the Internet. You might find some information that is post on the web by some individuals and their opinions might not be objective and analytic or might be involved with personality. These things may probably ruin your hard working. We have to be careful, before using these materials, its better to check the informations reliabilities.

In fact, I tried to find some information in the library. The result is sad: I just found some books about cell level cloning. The collection in the library is published before Dolly, the lamb, was cloned. So the information I found was pretty outdated and I was not able to use them in my paper. However, there is still some information from periodicals in the library.

I planned to get it later on, in order to keep the varieties of material. Day12 The followings are some of my research online: Cloning may reduce genetic variability, producing many clones runs the risk of creating a population that is entirely the same. This population would be susceptible to the same diseases, and one disease could devastate the entire population. One can easily picture humans being wiped out is a single virus, however, less drastic, but more probable events could occur from a lack of genetic diversity. For example, if a large percentage of a nation’s cattle are identical clones, a virus, such as a particular strain of mad cow disease, could effect the entire population.

The result could be catastrophic food shortages in that nation Wherever you stand on abortion, there is something reprehensible about trying to create copies of human beings and then “throwing out” the ones that are flawed. There is something petrifying, Frankenstein-like, about bringing flawed copies of human beings to life. How the public reacts to this line of research will be critically important. Some opponents argue that it is immoral to carry out experiments on human embryonic cells. The arguments against this technology are analogous in many respects to those against abortion.

People of good will line up on both sides of the issue. The response to cloning was predictable and indicative of the troubled political history of biotechnology. The discovery of the double helix structure of DNA and later, the ability to recombine DNA, made many uneasy. Day11 Everything will come to visual after been analyzed or explored. I browsed on the Internet these couple of days, trying to find something useful for my research paper. In general feeling, it wont be hard to find information about Cloning. Sometime, general feeling just doesnt make sense. I did find a lot of information about cloning.

But they are really just information, they are just bunch of facts and peoples name.


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