Day The Music Died

Day The Music Died The Day the Music Died, Again I think about the loss we have endured, I think about our future, I think about the hate in this world, and it all makes me cry. September 11th was my 17th birthday, and I was sitting on the line at the DMV, listening to my car radio as it all happened. The music actually died that day. Not a single station played a song; instead they all talked of the horror unfolding before us. I’m angry, I’m disgusted, and I’m afraid of tomorrow. I know what caused this, and I don’t know if there is anything we can really do.

Hate is responsible. How can we stop the hating going on everywhere? I only know of one way to break the endless cycle of hate causing more hate. The only way is to just stop hating without reason. Americans need to stand together now more than ever. We need to stop hating people who talk funny, or look funny, or are just plain different from ourselves. The racism has to go first and foremost.

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There is no room for that worthless waste of energy. There is no doubt in my mind, that America is the strongest country containing the worlds greatest people. I can say that with great enthusiasm because Ive always thought it to be true, and now it has been proven. Music Essays.


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