David C Mohr

David C. Mohr 11/02/00 WR121 Hayden Bass Civilized by way of Nature The natural evolutionary process has persisted throughout the eons of time. A new race breed appears just to be vanquished off the face of the earth a few thousand years later. A few thousand years, nothing but a drop in the bucket of time for a earth that has existed for millions of years. What a concept to delve into, the existence of a species as compared to the existence of the planet on which we call home.

The Earth has had many faces over time, and is rapidly changing, as time continues to march forward. Rapidly changing from one or two continents to seven semi-continuous continents, and even to a frozen barren wasteland and to a hot ball of molten lava and volcanic rock. Changes to us that seem to be an eternity in coming or going but to the earth, whos age can be counted in millions instead of millennia, its just another drop of rain in an already filled bucket. Inconsequential at best, and unmoved by our plight or the plight of other species, the earth remains neutral and uncaring. The earth has seen many creatures come and go, maybe even other races from other planets, it has even seen its share of other planets make residence on its ever changing surface. The mighty and fearsome dinasours, who no longer roam this earth, where once the controlling and dominate feature, never worrying about losing its stature, never caring.

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Mother earth is an ever changing enviorment, she changes shapes and colors often, and will continue to do so for a long time, until that final day of reckoning. Today, the human race bothers itself with small details, as global warming and enviormental waste of our natural resources. We find solice in recycling that one can, or that one newspaper, or saving that one tree in the rain forrest. We find that it is important to protect our natural history and preserve mother earth in her pure and natural setting and protect all her creatures less they become extinct. We are a caring and concerned residents of our mother earth.

As a people we want to see that, the spotted owl remains perched high above in the old growth forrest. The spotted owl is a well thought of and highly respected animal, for which we are concerned for its very well-being. We must be concerned for it, because in an akward sense it represents all the other species for which might be extinct, if we ignore them now. We must not be so selfish to restrict or rob our children or grandchildren of their presence down the long road of time. We have a deep need to preserve the very essence of nature and its creatures for our future.

The spotted owl may very well be our link to our past. The old growth forrest, for which plays a heavy role in the life of a spotted owl, need to be protected as well. Trees, and forrest provide an ecological system that supports many different variations of life, from moss, mold, single cell organisms, to the mighty redheaded woodpecker and the spotted owl. Not only does it support these forms of life but, it also supplies us with clean fresh oxgen for which we breath and for which keeps our atmosphere protected. We have damaged the old growth forrest in recent years by the wholesale slaughter, a genocide if you will of vast proportions, of the essence of the ecology systems these trees provide.

We have manhandles, raped and pillaged many mountain sides across the great northwest, harvesting these products in the name of modernizaton. We have advanced our civilization at the price of these mighty trees, the spotted owl which uses these trees for habitation and life, and even the moss and single cell organisms that exist upon their branches. All in the name of advancing our civilization, at the cost of our natural mother earth and her inhabitants. We have raped her mountains, burned her plains, tore at her surface with huge excavating machinery, for which we harnessed from her basic building blocks, through our modern refinement procedures. We have taken the rocks and internal organs and melted them down into a “useful” form for which we have relayed on her landscape in order to advance us as a civilization.

If we continue to use and waste her limited resources eventually we will run dry and mother earth will be stripped bare. She will have nothing to offer us, well not us but our children. We have stripped nature from our future in order to live better today. Often false ideals present themselves, when we recycle, petition, protest, or even renew these resources, we know these do not matter. They never did, and they never will.

The preservation of nature is unnecessary when modernization is concerned, because nature in itself is ever changing. We cannot preserve whats not ours to preserve, we cannot stop what we cannot control. Nature has exsted this long without us, and we have had no choice to this point, what choice do we have now? Nature is an expert reinventor and suvivor, she has reinvented her self through.


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