Data Based Question

Data Based Question Althrough history, political, economic, and social inequalities have sometimes led people to revolt against their governments, in the 1700’s, France was the most advanced country in Europe. It was the center of the Enlightenment. France’s culture was widely praised and served as a model for the rest of the world. However, the appearance of success was deceiving. There was a great unrest in France caused by high prices, high taxes, and disturbing questions about the rights of men and the government had raised enlightenment thinkers by the likes of Rousseau and Voltaire, In this essay I will discuss the political, economic, and social inequalities that caused the French Revolution of 1789. During this age of Enlightenment many thinkers had developed new ideas to replace the old ones.

France was at this time widely praised and served as a model for the rest of the world. They were also the most advanced Country throughout Europe. The society was therefore broken into three social class systems. The First Estate which was broken up into the Clergy or Holy People, the Second Estate which were the land owning nobles, and the Third Estate. The Third Estate made up 98% of the society of France. They were the peasants; they paid taxes where the other two estates did not.

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The Third Estate also held less land per person. The First and Second Estates stood above that of the Third Estate. The Third Estate stood below the higher classes and had been stepped upon by paying taxes for things they would never see. The Third Estate was being treated unfairly, they were not like the First and Second Estates, and they were not created equal in those estates. The Third Estate was the people, and they were the foundation of France.

The other estates were just the political dividers. In any state of country the people are everything. The Third Estate built what France is, and what they hope France will be. They should be treated equal as the First and Second Estates are humans just like them. The majority of the people should have more power.

The people wanted a change; a revolution was soon to be had. The Storming of the Bastille signified the beginning of the French Revolution. During this attack King Louis XVI effectively surrendered control of event to the citizens who were rebelling. This showed that the people had a say in France now, they had some sort of power, and they wanted it to stay, they wanted change. During the French Revolution the economy had sunken to a low.

The people were hungry, and the price of food skyrocketed. The whole country was rebelling against the First and Second Estates. There were rebellions all throughout, causing the military to come to calm things down. The conditions in France had become worse during these times. Finally a break had come in the French Revolution the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen was signed in 1789.

This document stated Life, Liberty, Property, Security, and to Resist Oppression. This was to show that all men are created equal in the eyes of god. That no matter of What race, what families they come from they have those given rights to abide by. This was one way to calm the burning revolts that was tearing apart all of France. The French Revolution had become a main part of the way we live today. The French revolted against being treated unfairly.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen is somewhat on the basis of the Bill of Rights. The French had showed many people it could be done, that if you put your mind and time to something it will happen. The French had broken away from the Estate System and created a society where all men are created and treated equally. History Reports.


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