Dancing On The Edge

Dancing On The Edge When Miracle McCloy’s mother dies before her birth, she’s seen by her psychic grandmother as a miracle and named accordingly. Miracle receives occasional love and attention from her father, Dane, a writing prodigy who hasn’t published a book in years. One night her Aunt Casey comes over a sance Gigi is holding, to contact Miracles mother something goes wrong. While using the Ouiji board, Gigi gets a message from Miracles mom saying, that Dane is in trouble and gone. They all rush to his room, and when they open the door there is no sign of Dane, just candles lit around the room and his clothes in a pile on the floor, just as if he had melted. Gigi tells Miracle thats Dane has in fact melted. After this her behavior slowly changes, and she no longer believes in reality, she bases everything on what her Gigi tells her, such as the meanings of numbers and colors and auras.

At age fourteen she severely burns herself by trying to melt like her father. She is then Institutionalized. With the help of a doctor and the support of her Aunt Casey, Miracle slowly adapts back into reality. She learns the truth about her mother and her father. When her mom was killed, she was hit by an ambulance, but her mom did it deliberately. And her father didnt melt, as Gigi had told her, he had abandoned her.

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When Miracle is finally released, she lives with her Aunt Casey. Gigi was so upset that Miracle was institutionalized and that she learned the truth, that she never spoke to them again. Book Reports.


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