Cyrus West Field

Biographical Information:
Cyrus West Field was born on November 30th, 1819. His birthplace was Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Which is also where he was educated.

Cyrus Field quit school and began work at age fifteen, as an office boy for A. T. Stewart & Co., New York Citys first department store. By age twenty, he was a partner in a paper manufacturing company, and before he was forty, he retired from business a wealthy man.

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In 1854 Cyrus began the quest to lay a telegraphic cable across the Atlantic Ocean. After several failed attempts, in August 1858 he arranged for Queen Victoria to send the first transatlantic message to President James Buchanan, and New York erupted in celebrations, telegraph inventor Samuel F. B. Morse, modern technology, and American ingenuity in general. But the cable broke after just three weeks, and Cyrus did not complete his project until 1866.

Cyrus West Field died on July 12th, 1892 in New York City.

Cyrus W. Fields Accomplishments:
Along with completion of the Transatlantic Cable, which was no easy task. Cyrus Field accomplished many things in his life.

Field and his brother-in-law set up the mercantile firm of Cyrus W. Field and Company. By 1852 Field was free of debt and had built a personal fortune of $250,000.0
Field was honored the world over, and the venture made him wealthy. He maintained an elegant house in New York City, built a large country estate, and set up a son in a New York brokerage house, financially guaranteeing his operations.

He became a stock-market operator and this, coupled with his princely way of life and financial obligations.

He made money in western railroads and, in the late 1870s, acquired control of the New York elevated Railroad Company. Which prospered very nicely.

Unfortunately, Cyrus Field made some bad investments and compounded by his sons bankruptcy, drained his fortune by the time of his death.


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