Critique Of The Limited Inc

.. nctional excellence, known collectively as The Center. The Center provides strategic direction and support to the individual businesses and to the enterprise as a whole. By designing key business processes and leveraging best practices throughout the enterprise, The Center adds value to each of its Brands. Some of these functions include: Distribution Services:The purpose of Limited Distribution is to design and implement operations that will provide the retail businesses with the most effective and efficient delivery operations available.

Limited Distribution Services will have achieved its objective if each of its customers believes that it has been an asset in helping them achieve their goals. Real Estate and Store Planing: Responsible for locating and leasing all store sites for retail businesses of The Limited, Inc., Intimate Brands, Inc. and Limited Real Estate continually searches for new and exciting retail environments where our brands can be showcased. Limited Store Planning’s mission is to create the most innovative, successful stores in the retail business. It employs talented design, engineering, architectural, construction, purchasing and finance associates — highly focused teams designing and building leading-edge retail space.

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Design Services: Limited Design Services oversees the design of branded apparel and merchandise for the retail businesses. Limited Brand and Creative Services: will work with the Chairman and the individual operating businesses to create brands with powerful, singular personalities that are consistent with the founder’s visions, and meet customer expectations. Limited Technology Services (LTS) is responsible for worldwide computing and telecommunications for The Limited, Inc. LTS is committed to partnering with The Limited, Inc., its brands and support businesses as joint stakeholders to increase shareholder value through the innovative applications of technology, business process and information. Human Resources Limited has successfully recruited talents. Within the last two years, Limited has built a powerhouse team of proven retail executives, recruited from Banana Republic, Estee Lauders, J.

Crew, Liz Clairborne, Macy, PillsburyIn addition, Limited has developed many successful employee-training programs that help to redefine and utilize employees role and talent. For example, the companys buyers have moved from a product development role, to a new analytical role. The new role includes three disciplines: competitive intelligence, client intimacy, and fashion radar. These disciplines enables buyers identify significant opportunities in market place. SWOT We think the weaknesses number 8 and 9 of the original group should become strengths for Limited.

The original weaknesses are: (8) Working with many different factories make it difficult to ensure consistent quality We think that with the technological advanced in production and the vendor monitoring and qualification programs of the Limited, the quality of production wont be a problem. But on the other hand, by interacting with many vendors, Limited will be more industrial wide informative about the market trend and taste. Also, Limited can take advantage of special talents of each vendor in creative designs and ideas that would help its products being more appeal to its target markets. These critical factors will help Limited sustains its competitive advantage over its competitors. (9) Closed and sold many stores in past few years. We also think that this is one of strengths of Limited. We think this is a strategic management. By eliminating under-performance stores, Limited can focus to open new stores as relocation its stores to better positions that have resulted in productivity increasing. There are also opportunities for Limited to target generation Y, not only generation X or Baby Boomers.

Functional Area Marketing Besides catalog and national magazines, Limited has launched celebrity model campaigns that resulted in a million of new customer names added into database, recent introduced quarterly magalogue, and a forty-seven weeks of national television program in 2000. Limited also does marketing research for each target segment. For example, recently, Limited found out that men who have career or interested in mechanical or automobile, very much likely to buy from Victorias Secret catalog. Finance Here are few graphs that help to explain Limited financial strength and effectiveness. Management The management of the Limited Co. relies heavily on the shoulders of CEO Leslie Wexner.

He has been very successful in the turn around of many retail brands within the Limited Co. As analyst feel that he is excellent at creating new businesses. However he has been criticized for not being a good day-to-day manager. As recent as the mid-1990s he had 24 associates reporting directly to himself.(David, 18) Recommended Strategies In addition to the original groups recommendations, we would like to suggest that Limited should implement the Enterprise Resource Planing system software, such as SAP or Oracle. This strategic system would benefit Limited in many ways, such as just in-time inventory, group work collaboration enterprise wide, knowledge management, and many others. With these benefits, Limited will have competitive advantage of low cost, high quality, and up-to-date attractive styles products that will enable Limited continue to be a leader in its industry.

Strengths 1. Largest Mail order and retailer of womens clothing in U.S. 2. High policies related to labor standards 3. Community Organizations 4.

High cash position 5. Distribution services 6. Technology services 7. Ability to create and deliver Weaknesses 1. Not enough emphasis on advertising 2. Lack emphasis on Mens clothing 3. Saturation of Limited stores in malls 4.

High turnover of finished merchandise Opportunities 1. Men becoming more fashion oriented 2. Increasing online sales 3. Growing number outlet malls 4. Growing television viewers SO-Strategies 1.

Need to introduce a Mens catalog and internet site (s4,s5,s6,s7,o1,o2) 2. Advertise through well known organizations (s3,s4,o4) WO- Strategies 1. Promote more bath and body products for men and children (w2,o1) 2. Launch advertising campaign on television (w1,o4) 3. Consolidate divisions selling similar products (w3,o3) 4.

Move merchandise into outlet malls (w4,o3) Threats 1. Losing Market share to Competitors. 2. Downturn in womens apparel ST-Strategies 1. Need new line of discounted Clothing (s4,s7,t1) 2. Emphasize quality products (s2,s7,t1) 3.

Male available quick and reliable delivery for all products purchased in catalogs or online. (s1,s5,s7,t1) WT-Strategies 1. Need a trendy advertising Scheme (w1,t1) 2. Need to find replacement line for Abercrombie & Fitch (w2,t1,t2) Bibliography Bibliography The Limited 1999 Annual Report The Limited 2000 Annual Report PR Newswire – June 01, 2000 Business Reports.


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