Crime Scene Oral Presentation

Crime Scene Oral Presentation Crime Scene Oral Presentation This project was done to simulate a crime that has been committed. The victim in this project has been stabbed in the right side of his body. He was found at his home in Barefoot Bay FL. in the shed outside of his home. After checking the surrounding area for evidence, there was an open bottle of prescribed pills on the floor of the passenger seat of his car. Also found in the car were three pills located on the passenger seat of the car.

. There was a knife found on his work been lying in order with his tools. After pictures were taken of the area in which the victim was found, investigators found a napkin in which they come to believe had blood on it. Found on the corner of W Sabal Palm Ln. and N.

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Barefoot Cir. were tire tracks leaving the street going right onto N. Barefoot Ln. Photos of the track reveal that there is more than on set of tracks turning the corner where the victims house is located. No witnesses were present to detect of any suspicious people were in the area when the victim was stabbed. The victim was identified as Mr.

John Hackman. No further evidence has shown a struggle by the victim or any possible signs of a suicide attempt by the evidence left around the victim and surrounding area. Sports and Games.


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