Crime in Argentina

Violent and unsafe streets are a problem that affects almost all argentinian provinces today. Crime spreads out through rural zones as well as through suburban areas. The INDEC ( Argentinian National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) provides statistics that support the idea that crime generally concentrates in urban areas. And we see it all on tv. Every time we turn it on we are attacked with news about robberies, homicides and burglaries that happened to people that we know or just around the corner.

While analysing the problem deeply it is possible to delineate three main reasons why crime is increasing day by day. Firstly, unemployment and the incapacity of the government to fulfil peoples basic needs cause a generalized social discomfort. So people in need of food, health and basic properties tend to find in crime an easy way out. Secondly, the capacity of the police to limit the rise in crime leaves a lot to be desired because policemen tend to cooperate with criminals instead of safeguarding the lives and interests of all the members of the community. Finally, from a legal viewpoint, there is not an adequate system to deal with crime. Prisoners are not given special education so as to be able to became good member of society when they get out of jail. Besides, imprisoned criminals are easily set free without serving their sentence.

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The complexity of the problems developed above denotes the difficulty of finding real solutions to completely eradicate crime from the streets. This task involves every member of the community but especially the leaders of the country. The government needs to create employment to end up with poverty and social exclusion. The state should also provide education, health and social safety nets to fulfil peoples basic needs. Regarding the Police Departments incapacity to deal with crime, patrolmen should be payed better salaries and required to study at least 4 years to become a policeman. Finally, legal and judicial reforms should be developed so as to provide an adequate process of reinsertion of crimminal that have served their sentence to the society.

As crime, uneployment, poverty and corruption are so deeply rooted in the argentinian society, it may not be easy to overcome such difficulties. But if everybody cooperates in the difficult task of getting the society to work again good results will come out.


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