Costly mistake

Costly Mistake
The day started early around 3:00p.m, filled with beer and talk of what to do in the evening to come. Three of my best friends and I racked our brains, coming up with very little our minds not working one hundred percent because of all the booze. After many hours, we finally came up with the idea of going to the glow and bowl at the bowling ally right up the road from Matt”s house.

We proceeded to round up as many people as we could to join in our evenings plan and continued to drink very heavily. Once more people arrived we started to play cards and talk about the hard week of work, glad to have finally gotten to the weekend. No one in the room seemed to have a care in the world at that point in time, everything was laid back no pressures of the real world, no thought of work or school. The night had started to early I was feeling the effects of the alcohol coming over me like a sickness. Still I proceeded to push the limits to prove something meaningless and dumb. We had many hours before the nights events started. I remember thinking to myself that I was going to be in trouble If I didn’t slow down on the liquid courage, a feeling that I was very accustomed to, but something wasn’t right to night I felt a foreign feeling that I quickly dismissed and chased with another drink.

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Finally 10:30p.m. rolled around, A little over seven hours since we had started drinking. Like drunken fools we wandered out the door of the house and figured out the driving situation to the bowling ally. I didn’t volunteer, refusing to drive knowing that it would only cause trouble for all of us. Matt said he would drive my car. Being one of the most responsible of all of us, I didn’t have a second thought about it and threw him the keys. Matt, Todd, Dustin and I all piled into my car letting everyone else figure out there own ride situation. On the way to the bowling ally the ride seemed to be smooth, the twelve beers that our driver had didn’t seem to have affected him at all. I thought to myself, I could have drove this short distance. That was my first mistake of the evening, a thought that would come back to haunt me.

Once we all arrived at the bowling ally we charged in heading straight to the bar, ordering drinks like it had been days since we had one. We had reserved two lanes so that everyone could bowl at once with out having to wait. It was about 12:30 p.m. when I looked up at the clock again barely able to raise my head, by this point thinking to myself that I had better get home soon or I might just pass out right there in the bowling ally. Matt my driver, on the way there had picked up the pace on his consumption of our poison of the night beer, as had most of us. I made up my mind, that I needed to get everyone that was riding in my car ready to get out of this place, and on the road home. It was about 1:30a.m. when I got everyone ready and in the car.

I turned on the car, and got my seat adjusted back to my setting. Matt being much taller than me had moved all the way back. I remember Todd asking me if I was ok to drive, I thought to myself what a stupid question this was considering he had been with me all night. Still I proceeded to pull out of the parking spot and head toward the streets.

Once I was at the stop light it all hit me, the fear of the what could happen, but I pushed it to the back of my mind. Proceeding to turn left on to the road heading to Matt’s house. It was a short drive, I remember thinking as I cruised on. Then all my fears came to life as I started to pass a car at a rapid speed a cop drove by, going the other direction. My rear seat passenger Todd turned around, there was a strange silence in the car. My heart dropped to my shoes. Todd turned back around saying something that I couldn’t hear, because of the red lights that I saw in my rear view mirror. I heard and saw nothing but that, everything seemed to be in slow motion, as I pulled off the road into a church parking lot. I remember thinking that this was the end of the game I got caught.

When the officer got to my window I had my information ready. The first thing that he asked me when he got to the window was if I had been drinking, my mind rushed with things to say to him, but finally I just said yes. The officer proceeded to ask me to step out of the car and over to the front of his car my mind was rushing, my blood was flowing faster than it ever had. Another car arrived on the scene and the officer got my other two friends out of the car. I remember thinking I hope that I don’t go to jail. The officer that had pulled me over placed me in his car.

The officer finally got back into the car I had been placed in early. He started to read me my rights that’s when it all hit me that it was over I was going to jail. I had been charged with a DUI.

It seemed like hours past before my friends arrived and bailed me out of jail. I thanked them, as we got into the car and headed to my house.

Months went by before my court date for my DUI arrest. My mother and I arrived at the court house and meet with my lawyer. When court started and it finally got to my case, my lawyer went up to talk to the prosecutor, to apply for diversion. When my lawyer turned to come talk to me his face seemed grim. He asked me to come it to a private room to talk. As he read down the list of things that I had to do for diversion, my jaw dropped as did my mothers it seemed like they where putting me on probation for a federal crime or something. I signed the paper, it being my only choice besides jail and gave it to my lawyer, bitterly thinking that I was getting an unfair deal.

Since that day, I have had to deal with a lot of extra pressures that I did not count for while I was going to school. And have had to pay everyday for the one mistake that I ever made with the law. Everyday I regret it and think to myself what a costly mistake.


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