Cons of Cloning

Cons of Cloning
In this article Cons of Cloning by Andrea Castro, the point is made that there are many positive things about cloning; but there are also many bad things that could happen if men were to fool around with cloning. The main thing that was pointed out to be the negative part of cloning is that people would lose their individuality. Soon cloning the same people over and over and over and over again would create many problems. There would be less variety of people, or if there were more people than the world would be hard pressed to support the bigger population. The world would have to go find new space, there would be a need for more jobs, more food, more housing places, etc. If there were a less variety of people cloned then soon everybody would almost look alike and when a crime is committed it would be hard to tell which clone did it. Another thing that is wrong with cloning is that it could cause the cloning scientists to be greedy and take advantage of the situation. A person paying enough money could get a corrupt scientists to clone anybody they wanted, like movie stars, music stars, athletes, etc. Then there is the religious factor. In the bible it said that God was the only creator. With scientists trying to recreate life they are treading the line and trying to play the role of God. The power to decide who can live, which people wit what qualities are allowed to survive on this earth, clearly or decisions that should not be made by humans. The main point made in this article is that the most the human race has to lose by playing around with cloning is that the genetic diversity would be lost.


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