Computer Exam: 40 marks.

1. Give the names of the menu, which performs the following functions. 12

a. Start Microsoft Power Point
b. Select blank presentation.

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c. Select the layout.

d. Type
e. Insert a new slide.

f. Add animation to the text.

g. Add transition.

h. Save Roll No. And class.

i. Add Background.

j. Change the font, style and size.

k. Add Word Art.

l. Add Clip Art.

2. Shortcuts, which perform the action. 10 marks
a. To Save an presentation
b. Copy
c. Move
d. Paste
e. Print
f. Insert slide
g. Redo
h. Moves one slide up.

i. Down
j. Slide Show
3. Answer the following. 130 marks
a. What is a blank presentation?
b. What is a toolbar?
c. What are presentations?
d. What are Slides?
e. What are Handouts?
f. What is a title bar?
g. What is a menu bar?
h. What is the minimize button?
i. What is the maximize button?
j. What is the restore button?
k. What is a Standard toolbar?
l. What is a Formatting toolbar?
m. What are Slide view buttons?
n. What is the close button?
o. What is the status bar?
p. What are slide views?
q. What are outline views?
r. What are slide sorter views?
s. What is a note page view?
t. What does enhancing text refer to?
u. What is a clip art gallery?
v. What is a Word art gallery?
w. What do you know about changing backgrounds? 3 only
x. How do you like to work on M.P.P?
y. Can you name some of the elements of M.P.P.?
z. Do you like the computer classroom or the computer room
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