Comparison Essay Of Isadora And Art And Isadora

Comparison Essay Of Isadora And Art And Isadora Isadora Duncan It is always amazing to see how two different writers can use different techniques and writing styles to write about the same subject. Janet Flanner and John Dos Passo both wrote an essay about the life and times of Isadora Duncan. Both authors use different literary devices, which present the story in different ways. Flanner and Dos Passo also seem to use different facts about Isadora Duncan. It is writing techniques like these that create different essays about the same subjects. In Janet Flanners essay Isadora, Flanner starts off her essay presenting a great deal about Isadora Duncans past. This information is not as prevalent in Dos Passos essay.

He begins his essay telling about her adulthood, but gradually moves onto her childhood to express about her knowledge of dancing. He talks about her recent divorce and children which sort of gives us an idea about her life, but it is not as detailed as Flanner is with her details of Duncans past. Despite the differences in there introductions, it is interesting to see that both authors get a point across about Duncan. They both emphasize about her love for the art of dance. Dos Posso and Flanner both use different writing techniques.

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Is seems as if Flanner uses techniques such as metaphors, and comparisons, where as Dos Passo seems to use standard writing styles. It also seems that Dos Posso uses more historical facts about Isadora Duncans family. He tells a lot about her familys struggle with finances and her upbringing with dancing. Both authors both try to point out the many hardships that Isadora Duncan overcame to be as successful as she was. These facts are present in both essays.

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