Compare and Contrast Essay

English 100
August 23,2004
Many people have varying backgrounds, the most that they normally vary is: Where they grew up, what school they went to, and so on. Now that is not the case in the two stories I am going to compare. Their backgrounds had major tragedy, misfortune, and hardships. Their young childhoods were not normal, or uneventful but at times I bet that they wished that they had been.

David Sedaris wrote a compelling story about a young American boy who had a childhood unlike normal children. He lived in Africa I use the vague term because he moved around to many different places with in Africa. That little boy was compared with a boy with an ordinary life that lived in the US. The name of the story is, Remembering my childhood in Africa. Both of the stories that I read dealt with childhood, in two ways directly, and indirectly. The authors in both of the stories used a narrator to bring the point across strongly, and metaphors to help you visualize the scene that was being described. It worked very well there were many parts that I didnt feel as if I was reading, I felt like I was watching the whole thing.

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Alice Walker believes strongly in vividly describing the history of what happened and the present situation. I found this to be evident in the Story that she wrote Everyday Use I felt as if I was present everywhere that they were. Now this story dealt with childhood through the mother of two daughters eyes. She watched her daughters develop in to two completely different people. She described all of the feelings that she had when she observed her daughters. It was extremely moving the way that she used metaphors to get her point across in a vary emotion provoking way. The mother and daughters shared great tragedy together and grew together as a family, but time and distance still effected their relationship negatively.
Both writers used narration to tell their story, and they used different angles to enhance the story to their own advantage. The story lines were very well done but again different both had to deal with children, but the settings were different they took place at different times to different walks of life. That only helped put depth into the story, I think that many writers should used these techniques when they write to bring the reader in just that much more.


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