The functions of communication in organization are:
1.Share information, instructions
2.Share feeling and emotion
3.Central and co-coordinated efforts
4.Motivate employee
5.Interact with other stackholders
Organizations success or failure is often the direct result of :
1.Companys communication philosophies
2.Employees communication skills
3.Quantity of communication that is within the orgnation
4.Environment of trust and effort
Supportive communication:
A person who communicate accurate and nearest information and build and enhance relationships instead of jeopardizing them.

Computer mediated communication:
Information databases
Voice mail systems
Cell phones.

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Communication can become impersonal , machine to machine loses personal touch.

Interpersonal skills may diminish
Strive for message completeness, correctness with e-mail
Total or partial lack of nonverbal cues
Easy to be overwhelmed or overwhelmed other with too much information.

New technologies encourage poly-phasic activities (doing more than one thing at a time) which can split a persons attention and lead to ineffective communication (phone and reading mail simultaneously).

Social interaction to minimize negative effects of isolation for both traditional and telecommuters.

Regularly diconnect from technology( no none should be expected to bo on call 24/7).

Function of communication within organization:
Providing knowledge about company goals, how to perform tasks on job, standard of acceptable behavior, need change etc.

Expressing feeling and emotions: to avoid misunderstanding express your feeling and emotions (positive or negative) encourage subordinates to do the same.

Controlling and coordinating the individual efforts encouraging subordinates to communicate with each other to coordinate their activities.

Motivating employees; by communicating confidence in them and how they can benefit from performing well. Helping them succeed in their goals by clearly communication what to expect from them. Giving them clear feed back.

Communication :
The evoking of shared or common meaning in other person
This sums up the real challenge with communicating effectively , no matter the situation manage on medium.

Tougher than it sounds.

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