Communication Climate

Communication Climate I have found that the communication climate at the company I have worked for the last seven years is a combination of bureaucratic, human and system theories. As the company sets the control by establishing rationale rules that regulate the entire organization, written documents like organizational charts, corporate manuals, operating instructions, job descriptions and so on, establish the law of the land virtually for all organizational activities. This makes bureaucratic theory the most visible structure of communication, since it goes downward, the instruction comes from management and most of the time the respond is by providing a report or chart that indicates the direction or result desire for the specific task. When most of the communication is vertical, there is horizontal communication activity in the organization, must of this taken place between groups that depends from one another and from employees which design and plan the different task in which the groups are currently working. All of this communication is needed since projects are accomplished by different groups, and meetings and working sessions are required to direct the ideas toward the same outcome desired. This horizontal communication is the closest we get to human relations theory.

As for the system theory is also put in play because many of these groups are form in the base of resources, abilities, personalities and needs of the group members, in order to make more practical and efficient the results to accomplish the task in hand. I see myself as a member of the team looking for the best way to relate and communicate with my fellow coworkers, understanding that organizational communication differs from person to person. I am looking to learn, how to relate and absorb the messages that people in general send to me. I want and need to move forward, and I have understand that communication in all its different ways is the key to my development socially and professionally. The fact that English has been a second language to me for the last 15 years, it is very important to rich a label in which I feel confident in my working environment in which I perform in a daily basis.

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It has being difficult to accomplish a second grammar structure and a second pronunciation, very much different from my main language, this is the reason for this course, and also the fact of coming back to school has become a matter of self-motivation and closure.


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