Colonial Architecture

By Mason Forando
All the colonial houses are alike. From the least important places
like farms to places like Monticello all the houses were built in the
federal style. The federal style just means that the house would be
bilaterally symmetrical. If there was five windows on the top half, then
there would be five on the lower half (same on the left and right side).

When the plantation owners were in the heat of summer they would come
to these houses in Beaufort. Inside these houses, an arch would separate
the public and private side. On the public side there would be rooms like
a dining room, an office, a ballroom, and a living room. On the private
side there was the bedroom and kitchen. The public side it was generally
fancier and had the expensive things in it.

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Also inside these houses was a natural wind flow. They accomplished
this by having two doors in every room so when they opened all the doors
the wind would flow throughout the house. The doors look like closets but
there is no real closets in the house.

The colonists would party a lot. They had a ballroom on the second
floor for two reasons. To have a good view, and to keep away the flies.

There was a “lady’s” ballroom ( a present from the husband) coming off from
the ballroom so the women could leave the party and just chat about the
current events.

The houses had no plumbing, and no heating so the colonists needed
fireplaces and outhouses. The fire places on the public side were Adams
fireplaces (expensive) and was elaborately decorated. They were made of
marble. The ones on the public side were just there for heating purposes,
not decoration.


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