College Funding

College Funding As a young college student you have many avenues available for funding your formal education but none will be as satisfying as maintaining paying a position whether it is full-time or part-time. While there are several sacrifices for obtaining a job and going to school simultaneously there are many more rewards that will follow. Many students would like to not work while they are in school but most have financial obligations that require them to. On the other hand there are a few students that do not have to or need to work, most cases being that their parents either saved for their college education or their parents did not need to save due to their financial prosperity. Some students and parents look at working and going to school as a negative circumstance but nothing could be further from the truth.

By maintaining a job while you are in college you are increasing your likelihood of being employed after graduation. Students that rely on their wealthy parents to put them through college are in some ways very fortunate because they then have the ability to solely focus on their studies without having to juggle both work and school. In the same thought, those students who do not have to worry about financial obligations would most likely come across to some as being carefree and maybe some would even think that they are not mature enough to take on the responsibility of their own finances. Through their parents these students have access to the finer things in life without having to work for them, which in some ways re-enforces the lack of work ethic among this group of students. As long as their parents are involved in their lives they will not have to work to truly earn something that they want.

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Without work experience these students of wealthy parents can have all the money in the world and all the degrees imaginable but without prior work experience the chances of them landing a job over someone that has held a position in that particular field are very slim. Parents that have saved for their son or daughters college education have given their offspring a significant advantage because by covering tuition, books, room & board the student is responsible not only for their living expenses but also their entertainment expenses. A young college student needs to be responsible for at least some of the expenses they incur while going to school, thus forcing them to obtain a paying position to cover their everyday expenditures. It not only teaches them the value of a dollar but it also prepares them for the career world that they will be entering in a few short years. Students that are financially responsible for both their education and for their living expenses are both at an advantage and a disadvantage.

One disadvantage depends on how much financial aid they are awarded each semester. If the financial aid does not cover all of their tuition they may find themselves having to carry the excess into their living expenses thus causing them to work more hours and have less time for their studies. On the other hand one of the advantages that they will have is plenty of work experience once they graduate thus making them very appealing to employers. The responsibility of having to work either full-time or part-time and attend school full-time is a huge one and in the long run these people will have a significant advantage in the working world. The majority of students are in the college or university system as a student for an average of four years and to not be employed during that time is only hurting them and their future career opportunities.

If a student focuses all of his or her attention on academic performance then that is all that they are going to be efficient at in the real world. Focusing on academics is a necessity but to solely focus on the hypothetical scenarios that are played out within the four wall of a classroom without any other actual outside experience puts that student at a severe disadvantage. Many employers look at prior work experience as a guide on how a particular person performs in an actual work environment. Also another thing to think about is that many employers like to see a college level graduate with at least some work history that involves the field in which they have received their degree. Having a job while you are enrolled in school most likely will not hurt your academic performance, your social life maybe, but it truly will help you achieve the goals that you have selected for your future.



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