Civil War

Civil War The Civil war rages, the War between the States has become known as the bloodiest war ever fought. The Civil War divided the United States between its Northern and Southern states. The battles lingered for long years, but the consequences of the war have endured time. The start of the war began with the firing on Ft. Sumter by the Southern states and lasted until General Robert E Lee surrendered his southern troops at Appomattox Court House in Virginia on April 9, 1865. The War pitted brother against brother in attempts to retain a way of life and thinking.

Although there has not been agreement on the major causes of the War, this essay will explore possible immediate causes and long term causes of the War. The immediate causes of the war that will be discussed are the election of Lincoln as president, the quest of the South to succeed from the Union, and the firing on Fort Sumter. The longer term causes discussed will be economic differences between the North and South, failure of Congress to compromise and the slavery and territory issues. The immediate causes of the War were the election of Lincoln as president. The fire-eaters threatened secession because of Lincoln’s affiliation with abolitionist.

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The Southern states wanted their independence respected by the national government. The preservation of the way of life in the Southern states was of utmost importance. In opposition to legislation that would strengthen the national government the Confederacy rejected the demands of the Union. The Southern states believed that the right to succeed from the Union was within the doctrine of states’ rights. Secessionist believed that the national government was a conglomeration of sovereign states and that any state had the legal right to remove itself from the Union.

As Lincoln gave his inaugural speech he declared that secession was illegal and that he would acquire Southern possessions. One of these Southern holds would be Fort Sumter, which is located in the heart of the South. On April 12, the Confederacy fired upon Sumter to capture better position to defend initiated the battle that would culminate into the bloodiest War ever. The economic climates of the North and South differed a great deal. The North’s economy depended heavily upon industry. The South was based on an agricultural economy, which produced such cash crops as tobacco, cotton, and sugar would suffer great hardships.

Secession was key to the survival of the South and its way of life. Without secession the South would have to face an economy without its cheap resource, slave labor. Southerners felt that slavery should be the foundation of their society and it was more of a necessity than an evil. With expansion facing Congress, the issue of slavery played a key role in the division of the Union. Anti-slavery advocates demanded that slavery be left out of the new territories.

Legislation was continuously introduced into Congress that would limit the span of slave labor, however the South responded by stating that could not be prohibited from any land that was in the Union. The slavery issue was a constant in legislation with Congress, various compromises attempted to settle the issue but with no solution. Popular-sovereignty was a compromised that would have allowed the territory itself to establish the laws on slavery, but proved damaging to the cause of the Anti-slavery activist because it allowed slavery in states that had previously determined it to be illegal. In order for the issue to be resolved and to keep the Southern states from seceding the Union a compromise needed to be reached. Of the compromises submitted to the national government, the Crittenden Compromise was the most popular.

The Crittenden Compromise attempted to protect the system of slavery by establishing amendments that would limit the national governments ability to abolish it. This Compromise was not successful because of Lincoln’s strong stand against the institution of slavery. The failure to compromise between Congress lead to further division amongst the States. The actions of the North and the South and their failure to compromise lead to the most costly war in human casualties ever. The destruction of the South’s way of life and a new Union were the direct results of war. The eventual collapse of slavery and the total collapse of the South’s economy, along with Lincoln’s leadership brought forth a new nation and economic structure.

This new structure brought tariffs favoring for manufacturing, free homesteads, and central banking, and railways for everyone. The division of the states has long been felt with the heritage of hatred that remained following the war. The War was the beginning and ending of a way of life for all, and the beginning of an expansion era of the United States.

civil war

Francis Harry Compton Crick is a famous scientist who won many awards such as the
1962 Nobel Prize of Medicine and Physiology that him, James Watson and also Maurice Wilkins
received. Also he won the 1960 Albert Lasker Award, the 1962 Gardener Foundation Award,
the Royal Society’s Royal Medal, and last the 1976 Royal society’s Copley medal.
Francis Harry Compton Crick was born on the 8th of June in 1916. He lived in
Northhampton and was the first born in his family. Francis went to school when he was young
including grammar school and then moved to North London to go to Mill High School. He went
to college after high school, he went to the University of College and earned his Bachelor of
Science degree in Physics in the year 1937.

Francis Crick was married in 1939 to Ruth Doreen Dodd, and had there first son named
Michael in 1940. Only seven years later Francis and his wife Ruth divorced. Then two years
later Francis remarried to a lady named Odile Speed and had two duaghters.

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Francis worked on his science experiments and graduate studies on the measurements of
the thickness and thinness of water at high temperatures. In 1947 he started his Ph.D work at
Stangeways Laboratory, Cambridge. Their he worked with Arthur Hughes and studied what
cytoplasm looks like in tumor cells. He also worked with Max Perutz and John Kerdrew on
the structures of protein, at the Medical Research Unit at cavendish Laboratory. He did his Ph.D
work on X-rays and tests to determine proteins shape. After his work with X-rays Crick worked
with James Watson to uncover structures of DNA. In 1953 James and Francis uncovered the
structure of DNA, or double helix. They published a paper of this discovery in Aprils 25th
edition of the Journal Nature. Francis Crick is best known for the discovery of the double helix.
After finding the structure of the double helix he started working on finding common things
between DNA and on genes code. He worked with Vernon Ingram, and while they where
working they discovered the function of the gentic material, which controls what you look like..
In 1957 Francis started working with Sydney Brenner to find out how the sequence of DNA
would work on the amino acid sequence in proteins. Crick found the gentic code, and the
mechanism for protein synthesis. With this work his discovery helped create the DNA/RNA

In 1976 Francis Crick left Cambridge Laboratories to become Kieckhefer Professor at
Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California. There Francis started to study
Brains. Francis Crick was a very helpful scientist in our world and is still alive today helping us
even more. Francis Crick will always be known for the man who found out the structure of the
double helix.

was very wise caused a big change in the U.s


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