Civil Disobedience essay

Civil Disobedience Essay
How many does it take? How many must diebefore we do something, before we take action. This is something tha affects us all, there is no escaping the horrors of school shooting But is there any thing we can do ? I believe we can and I emphasize we. If we want to put an end to these senseless kiling we must all work together, and reach out to these people commiting thes crimes.

We need to reaise awareness; so every one is conscience of the epidemic sweeping our nation. If you heaf some one say they are going to bring a gun to school, take action, dont just laugh it off because, if they do shoot some one it is no laughing matter. Please take these threats serious, talk to a school administrator or parent. It is far better to take action, then suffer the consequences of doing nothing. Say you feel someone is joking, talk the them and try to assure them that there are better way to deal with their problems. Then let someone know of the persons feeling so they can receive help. This will prevent loss of life.

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These atack are often times not unprovoked and this is something we have to look at. Are we doing our part to prevent these hanis crimes? Do we make fun of the kid with the goofy hair or the kid who plays Dungeons and Dragons? We must all be conscience of what we say about other people and how we make them feel. Put your self in their shoes, you dont want to be made fun of because of the way you dress or what you do in your leisure time. If you witness some one being made fun of take action , ask them to stop. Together we can make a difference one person at a time. If we all do our part we can make America and the world a better place.
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