Choclate Happiness

Chocolate Happiness
A smile, a laugh, a quick thought, starry nights, walking in warm rain storms, playing soccer, chocolate; these are all things that make me happy. It is be different for the person sitting next to me in my advanced composition class, but everyone feels it. Happiness is an emotion that is the product of an object or an event. It is something that makes a man in his years of aged wisdom stop, smile, and think of happy times. To me happiness is like a piece of chocolate, it is something that everyone wants, something that we sometimes have to work hard for, and something that is always worth the risk of acting in order to have it.

Everyone wants chocolate. The food of the gods! Chocolate cover cherries, chocolate cake, chocolate mints, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, as it is plain to see chocolate is a happiness for me. For those who don’t like chocolate it is the same concept. There is something out there that an individual person just can’t get enough of, just one of those little things that make them enormously happy. It doesn’t matter if that be chocolate, playing football, or holding the hand of a loved one, everyone has something out there that makes him or her happy, and everyone desires to have that feeling. Bear with me for a moment and participate in a little experiment. Think of something that makes you as an individual happier then anything else in the world. Think of the number one thing on that incredibly long list of nouns that describe happiness, and ponder it for a moment. what emotion are you feeling right now, and can it be called happiness? Now think of what it would be like to lose that number one item. No how do you feel? The fact is we all want to have that feeling, that emotion of happiness. “We all live with the objective of being happy, out lives our different and yet the same” Anne Frank. Everyone wants happiness, everyone wants chocolate.
The best chocolate is the homemade kind; the best happiness is the kind that is worked for. The best kind of chocolate is real’ chocolate. Something that I have often been told is that if you are going to do something then it is worth doing the best that you can. Just this last summer I was able to participate in a play called the Three Princes, and when I perform I always try to do better then I did the night before. The character I was trying to portray was one of the hardest I had ever attempted, and I did not feel satisfactory with what I had to that point been able to do. One particular night during this performance I was feeling sick, I thought, well just for tonight I’ll do what I can but I’m not going to push myself. The performance was fine but by the end of the night I was feeling even worse, not because I was sick but because I didn’t do my best, I regretted not giving everything I had and I hate that feeling. The interesting and somewhat ironic part of this story is that that night there was a talent scout in the audience. I was told just after intermission that she was there, and I tried to boost what I already considered to be my worst performance, but that regretted was still there mingling with the knowledge that I had just missed a great opportunity. I was latter told that this talent scout had been looking for youth to go audition for a movie in S.L.C. with Anthony Hopkins, try to imagine my anguish! A piece of chocolate slipped through my fingers. The scout came back again the next night because she loved our performance so much, and I was able to improve, but the self doubt that the pervious night’s performance had made still lingered in my mind, and it was a lot hared for me to feel like I could do well then alone that I did do well. I learned the lesson that I am never truly happy with myself unless I am giving everything I have, and then some. I have to work in order to hold that chocolate in my hands. I have to give 115%. Yes it is hard to do so, but the alternative is to ask the question, “what if?” If 115% is not given that will hurt more then if was given and the objective still doesn’t work out. Regret is more bitter then defeat. But when 115% given that is when the reward is the sweetest, that is when the happiness overflows. That is chocolate worked for and received. That is real’ chocolate.

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Giving 115% isn’t easy, and just because everything and more is given does not necessarily mean that everything will work out, real happiness doesn’t come without a risk “For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”
-John Greenleaf Whittier. It is so much easier to let the world go on around us. Never doing anything means we’ll never get hurt, right? Just go on sitting the corners blending into the walls and we’ll be ok? Take it from someone who knows, it’s not ok. I was sitting there in my little corner dreaming about what everyone else had and I didn’t. They had their chocolates and I was outside licking the windows. It wasn’t until I realized that yes, I would have to take a bit of that brown bar entitled choocoo..late not knowing whither it was sweet or sour. I would have to take a risk that I saw what they had and I didn’t. Yes they still had pain in their lives, but they were living their lives. Benjamin Disralie once said “action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” If we don’t change we don’t grow, if we’re not growing, we’re not really living, if we’re not really living we’re not really happy. How can one ever experience the delights of chocolates if they won’t take a bite? Yes there is always the chance that something could happen while the leap of faith is being leapt. Sometimes we have to fall in order to fly. There is always that disappointment lurching around the corner ready to shove us back down into the pavement, but if the thought of disappointment is allowed to out weigh the step towards happiness, then the best chocolate yet to be experienced could be passed by.
Chocolate, playing football, a little brother running up to give you a hug because he hasn’t seen you all day, these are the little things, these are happiness. Different for everyone, yet everyone wants it. The best happiness is the kind worked for. The kind that demands giving life everything and more, leaving room for only the sweet taste of chocolate, the sweet taste of happiness. Then once that happiness is within reach, letting go of the safe hidden unhappy corners, taking a bit of it, and letting that rich luscious chocolate melt the tongue.


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