China China is a Communist Republic government. This means that the government regulates, sets rules, and runs most business in China. However, the increase in a worldwide economy around the middle of the 20th century caused China to evaluate their government and decide that something must be done to stimulate the Chinese economy and bring entrepreneurs to China otherwise they will be left behind in the forever-growing global economy. In fact, China has changing a lot from the past 30 years, and we can really tell the change. China is a great capitalism country now. That means, the government is controlling everything. However, with the change of the Chinese government, they become more flexible than before.

This way can helping at the economy grow, and improve peoples lives. We can see from the videos that there are more and more building, shops, and bars build in the cities of China. If you go to visit about 30 years ago, you may not see these views. China is improving step by step, one man said from the video. However, as the report shows, there are too many building now in China, and there are not many people who want and can afford to buy the buildings.

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That may loose the original purpose of this idea. Deng Xiaoping, the leader of China disbands communes who had already died, allowing farmers to freely sell their products and introduces profit incentives for factories. It is called Socialism with Chinese characteristics – a wonder of rhetoric. From there, many of the farmers start to sell their lands, and move to the big cities like Beijing, or open shops instead of farm. Under Jiang Zemins leadership who is the leader after Deng Xiaopings dead, the 15th Party Congress reveals its plan to sell most state-owned industries.

It becomes privatize. In the coming years, tens of million of workers will be laid off; with no social protection is sight. Now, is this still socialism, no its the raw capitalism. For the average Chinese, it might be the worst of both worlds. Some people will put the Confucianism into the discussion of the capitalism. Chinese people called this combine idea as Internalism. Capitalism for China is to centralize all of the Chinese market, and use Confucianism into the modernity idea.

It can help the developing of the economy and the growth of the production. In other words, they are just using Confucianisms united idea and thinking to look at the capitalism. Just as give a good reason of using capitalism. In theory both capitalism and communism have their advantages. In a theoretical capitalist society there is an extremely strong profit incentive which leads to the accelerated development of new products and technological advances which benefit not only those who are strong enough to succeed but also those who are left behind, through the famous trickle down effect.

In a theoretical communist society there is no unemployment, no inflation, higher productivity in times of crisis and no disparity in wealth, status and power. However, in practice the story is vastly different for both political systems. Capitalism in practice leads to high unemployment, alienation, the boom-slump cycle, poverty and crime. Communism in practice leads to political control, the suppression of free speech, limited travel, the repression of religion and restricted expression of the arts. So to finish I think that communism, if it could be made to function in its ideal manner, would be superior. But we live in a world which is, like it or not, filled with greed.

The system then is fundamentally driven by greed (capitalism). In the end, I believe that capitalism was and will be inevitable, at least in some form. Anthropology.


Qin Shihuangdi
Among one of the first dynasties the Qin dynasty would be the start to
revolutionize the world. The Qin dynasty was ruled by Qin Shihuangdi in the late 200’s
BCE. In creating the first empire, Qin Shihuangdi divided the land into separate provinces
and districts, standardized laws and public works.

Qin created a bureaucracy in China by dividing the lands into thirty-six separate
provinces, “The first emperor divided the country into thirty-six commanderies…”
(Territorial, Political and Cultural Growth of China, 309). These provinces were further
divided into many separate districts which were governed by three Qin representatives: a
civil governor, a military governor and an imperial inspector. These three representatives
governed their districts and collected taxes for the emperor, “Thus tax collection and
conscription of men for the army and labor on government projects and all other important
functions were centralized” (Peijin). Creating a bureaucracy caused China to modify and
set ideas of laws.

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Along with the implementation of the bureaucracy came much standardization.
The written language was standardized, as were the systems of weights, measurements
and currencies, “The individual systems of weights, measures and currency which had
existed in each of the Warring States were changed to conform to the Qin state standard”
(Peijin). Furthermore, an uniform set of laws were established throughout the empire.
Even such seemingly trivial things like the axle seize in carts were standardized, “… even
the axle length of carts was made uniform” (Peijin). Because with a standard size cart, the
emperor was able to build standard size roads.
Public works was a huge part of the Empire. Construction of the Great Wall
began during Qin’s rule, although it didn’t reach its full glory until the Ming dynasty, “The
Qin dynasty commanded a high level of technological skill and artistic talent, as attested by
the first emperor’s mausoleum, an enormous complex of underground chambers extending
over an area of twenty-one square miles(Territorial, Political and Cultural Growth of
China, 309). Many canals and roads were built during his reign,”…established conditions
for the improvement of production, transportation, communications, administration and
cultural mingling among the different parts of the country” (Peijin). Public works is still
used today in the modern world.

Dividing the land into separate provinces and districts, standardizing laws and
public works helped unify the empire. Qin help revolutionize hierarchies used in the
modern world. probably the most important legacy was the written language; it allows for
communication between different ethnic groups. Third, the public works allows us to
navigate but roads, canal and railroads. Because of Qin’s idea to unify the world, it has
help by giving us our modern ideas.

Peijin, Wang. “The Qin Dynasty: The Great Wall and the Unification of
China.” The Center For Teaching About China. Chicago, IL.

The Territorial, Political and Cultural Growth of China.


China takes 25% of the earth’s population; 1,210,004,956. Chinese people are
permitted to chose what they grow on their small plots, to set their own prices
and to pocket their profits without paying any taxes. Free Markets, is a big
world in China: it refers to designated areas in the city where farmers are
allowed to sell their products directly to city consumers. The government is no
longer involved in growing, distribution or price setting. The system operates
on supply and demand in private marketplace. Chinese people eat, dress, look
better. China has the worlds biggest population, it has a fast economy. Dum
Champagne, is a Chinese millionaire. Champagne started his business by 200 US
dollars, he started a womans clothes shop. He bought a used sewing machine.

Clothes only came in certain colors like blue, gray, white and green, but
Champagne changed all this. Women liked the colorful, stylish type of clothes he
made. This great investment took thinking, and risk. He also added a restaurant
he was also afraid he could fail. Champagne graduated in the class of 1966 which
was called the “Old Pre Class.” Through 1966-19968 this young adults
and younger children were sent to the other side of the country. They were left
at the country side with no food. Farmers had limited land, and they only
provided for so many people and if you went there you were only added to their
barden. Young Chinese worked with peasants . The Chinese labor force is
estimated at more that 527 million people. Unemployment and underemployment have
caused labor productivity and income to de depressed, problems direcly linked to
the large size and rapid growth rate of the population. In the early 1980’s
about one third of the population was 15 years of age or younger; this
guarantees that a large number of young people will enter the labor force each
year. Although about 60 percent of the labor force consists of agricultural
workers, the government’s job allocation program does not include rural areas,
and here new labor has to be absorbed by the collective and the individual
household economy. The rural family is estimated to receive three-quarters of
the income from the collective economy and the remainder from sideline
activities. According to the constitution of 1982, China is socialist
dictatorship of the proletariat led by the Communist party and based on a united
front that includes other democratic parties. In practice, The Communist party
fully demonstrates national political activity. The Chinese Communist party has
more than 52 million members and is the world’s largest Communist party. The
party held its first National Party Congress in 1921, when it had only 57
members. China has had an organized government since the establishment of the
Shang Dynasty about 1726 BC, making it the one of the oldest nations on earth.

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Chinese people have economic freedom- economic destinies, The government used to
control everything. It controlled what they bough, read, where they lived.

Technology has also played a big roll in China. Computers is helping their
economic power. China is a big country that keeps growing while people work.


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