Charles Inglis

Charles Inglis was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1734. As an Anglican clergyman and a Loyalist, he came to America. He became a teacher and then was ordained to London, England in 1758. He returned though to America in 1759 to be a missionary in Dover, Delaware until 1765.
In late 1765, Charles Inglis worked with Rev. Thomas B. Chandler as assistant to the rector of Trinity Church in New York City. During this time he worked for establishment of an American diocese.
After the outbreak of the Revolution in 1776, Charles Inglis answered Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and it was titled The True Interest of America.

Following Rev. Samuel Auchmuty, Charles Inglis became Rector of Trinity in 1777; he continued writing against the American reason over the pen name “Papinian.”
In 1783 he returned to England where he was consecrated first Bishop if Nova Scotia in 1787.

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Charles Iglis was a very good writer. He cared a lot about how America treated him. I don’t really thing he got enough recognition because I couldn’t find out a lot about him. I wish I were able to though. He seemed to have done a lot for writing in America and expressing feelings freely. He is a great role model for writers who want to change the world.



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