Characteristics Of Becker

Characteristics Of Becker The character of Becker in the film M had many childlike qualities, which drew in his victims. These qualities that Becker possessed, he exploited to his own gain. The children immediately gave him their trust because of his ability to relate to them, and he knew that. But I really don’t think this was really an alter ego, because he seemed to have these traits all the time. Inside he was really a sick man, to kill there has to be something wrong with him, epically to kill small children, and furthermore little girls.

Becker knew how to dram them in. He bought them balloons, and whistled. He bought them fruit, and candy, and openly ate on the street with them. Something that was, against the norm, for grownups to do. He chatted them up, and they even felt comfortable enough to call him uncle. Becker when confronted reverted back to childhood, acting like he didn’t know right from wrong.

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The way he explained it he was like a kid in a candy store, the girls were tempting him, and the only thing he could do was snatch them up. They preserved his youth. This isn’t an uncommon thing to do. Epically with mass murders, they have to make their victims feel comfortable enough to go with them. In the case of John Wayne Gasey, he preformed as a clown and acted like a perfectly nice gentleman when luring his victims.

People trusted them, especially their victims, or they never would have been killed in the first place. The element of trust and relating with the prey is apparently crucial in gathering up victims. In the case of Hiltler, he had the whole of Germany under his spell, and that is how no one questioned his tactics. He was a very forceful speaker and people trusted him, and they believed in his ideas for a utopia. If no one trusted his, the war wouldn’t have been as devastating and the jews would have left Germany far before they were ever marked as pariahs. Becker had to be trusted or his ploys would have never been carried out.

He had to be crafty in his manner and nice enough to keep the children calm. So nobody would suspect what his motives were. This is historically how these people operate. The element of trust is incredibly important in life and epically in these people’s lives, they can’t operate without it. Becker would never be able to win over the girls, Dahmer and Gasey would never be able to woo the young men back to their apartments.

Hitler would never have managed World War II without trust. But human beings want to be trusting, because that means security, love, and friendship. This is a human weakness wanting to have people in their lives they can trust, because most people do not prefer to be alone. So when a man or a woman comes up to them, offering them the world on a silver platter, they want to believe that is what they are getting. Which in these cases turns out to be a terrible opposite.

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