Censorship in School

Response: Education Books
Out of the ten books that I read the most interesting book I read was called Censorship and Education. Censorship has always been one of my favorite issues because it effects everyone. Censorship takes away the right of the media to free speech. Free speech is one of the most prized rights. Ever since the beginning of time (or a long time ago) man has had an urge to speak his mind. Yet, back in times like the middle ages and the renaissance, it was unthinkable to do such a thing. You were to keep your opinions and your thoughts to yourself, unless they were apart of the whole.

The book I choose reflects peoples views of censorship in todays educational system(1981). It goes into how the educational system has, for years, censored what children have been reading. From such things as putting in false information in a history text book, to keeping us from reading banned books. I think it is a tragedy what the schools have been doing with such things as that, and I think it should stop. We, the children of the United States of America, should be able to read the truth and have access to all information that we want. Censorship is wrong and should be stopped.

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