Business proposal

Business Proposal:
Library at the Exton Campus of Delaware County Community College
Erin Murphy
April 29, 2002
BUS 100-95

Current Environment.2
Proposed Environment…3
Business Requirements and Cost Analysis…8
I am proposing for a library to be put into the Exton campus of Delaware County Community College. There is currently not a library at this location. In order to have the use of a campus library we must go to the main campus of the college, which is approximately thirty to forty minutes from the Exton location. There are many students that go the Exton campus throughout the year and take a variety of courses. Many of these courses require at least some time spent in the library to write papers, to do research, etc. Not everyone has the time to drive to main campus to use the library so I am proposing for one to be added to the Exton location. The Downingtown campus can use the library as well because it is relatively close. It only seems logical to add a library to a college campus because not only does it make it easier to students to complete their assignments but it also promotes learning. A library is necessary in order to learn. There are many materials in a library that people do not have access to at home.
The current environment consists of basically nothing right now because there is not library on the Exton campus. The only way for students to use a campus library as of now is to go the main campus of Delaware County Community College in Newtown Square. This is rather inconvenient for most people because many reasons. For example the student may have a family to take care of and therefore not have the extra time to be travelling so far to use a library. Also some students may not have the use of a car in order to travel that far to use a campus library. The only way for an Exton campus student to use the main campus library is to request that certain books be sent to the Exton campus where they can pick them up and use them. This can be a rather lengthy process and most students do not even know this service is available. The only other choice students have right now is to make the drive to main campus. Because a library is not readily available as of now most students are procrastinating their projects and papers, which is detrimental to their learning habits. A library that is closer for students would promote good learning habits and study skills. Students may not wait until the last minute to do their projects and papers because resources are more readily available to them.
The proposed environment will consist of a fully functioning library that is open to students and faculty free of charge. If an outside member of the community would like to use the library the school could charge them a small membership fee. This will help to raise revenue for the college and the library.
For the first few years the library may be small but as years pass the library can expand to have more books, magazines, research materials, computers, etc. The library can also share with the main campus library in order to expand their materials and capabilities. I think many students and teachers would support the addition of a library to the campus.
When the library is first constructed it should have at least a thousand books, several magazine subscriptions, and fifteen computers. Ten of the computers should be connected to the Internet and have common programs that students would use to write research papers and create presentations. The other five computers should be connected to research databases only such as Ebsco. There should also be a quiet area where students can study, do homework, research material, read, write papers, etc. A quiet area would give students a place that is conducive to learning and an area to get away from the busyness of their life in order to do their homework. The quiet area would consist of at least six large tables with four seats to a table. This area would also contain


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