Brandon Draper

Ag Business
Periods 3&4
Job Shawdowing
Name: Bill Zakios
Job Title: Cheese Engineer
Job Responsibilites: His job is to find new ways to make cheese, find cheaper ways to
make cheese and to find what the consumer wants and what cheeses they like the best.

Also he is in charge of recruiting new people from college and grad school in all of there
engineering positions.

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Educational Backround: He has a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in chemical
engineering and is currently working on a master’s in businss technology and strategy.

Salary: $50,000-$60,000
Educational Skills: On a day to day bases he usually has a meeting with his staff or
supervisor which is using comminication skills. He uses computer skills to make reports
and search for information and new ideas on cheese and also he uses some math.

Evaluation: I think Mr. Zakios is a good person he seems to work hard at what he does .

But however, that is not a job that I am fit for. Mainly because you have to be good in a
science and math, and it isn’t something that I like to get up and do day after day. It make
me feel like I’m wasn’t being challenge enough.

Personal Perspective: I think personally that this job is not for me. But I do think that
there are some parts to it that are interesting an maybe kind of fun. Like, when he goes
recruiting for new people and coming up with new ideas to create things. One thing about
his job that bores me is that he doesn’t really get to work in a corporate part of the office
he has no say so in that part of the field and that is what I really would like to do. So in
conclusion I would really not consider this to be in my future.


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