Body Art In The Extreme

Body Art in the Extreme Body Art in the Extreme Tattoos are becoming a popular phenomenon that is seen everywhere. Todays youth are getting permanent tattoos to be cool and trendy, but are not considering the long-term effects. Teenagers should be aware of all that body modification may include, it is not just a pretty picture. Adolescences must consider the dangers and conscientious result of attaining diseases, being underage, and having a permanent mark on their body. The unsanitary conditions of getting a tattoo tend to go unnoticed by teenagers. The increase popularity in body art has also caused an increase in the incidences of Hepatitis, especially Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is spread by contact with human blood. Since, the government regulation has not enforced hygiene requirements for tattoo parlors, disease such as Hepatitis C thrive in these environments. Another disease that can be acquired is HIV. The government does not force tattoo parlors to use new needles or to sanitize the old ones. Also, tattoos can get easily infected and leave a scar if not properly taken care of.

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Sometimes, people die from ink poisoning if too much ink gets into the blood stream. I havent even touched on how painful it is to get a tattoo and how painful it will be to obtain a disease. Young adults do not consider the dangers of a tattoo until it is too late. Another problem with getting a tattoo is being underage. Teenagers have to convince their parents that a tattoo isnt a foolish decision and they really want one. Some parents are intensely against tattoos and see them as something “bad.” Certain parents are narrow minded, because they view them as gang related, devilish behavior or eccentric conduct.

Certain tattoos can also give you a bad reputation. Such as, having a skull can make adults think that you are part of a biker gang or having certain symbols would associate you with a gang. If you dont get your parents consent for a tattoo and somehow get one, then you will have hide the tattoo in order not to get in trouble. Sometimes, if you have a tattoo showing when you go to a job interview, you might not get the job. Employers feel that their employees should have a nice outer appearance that would look attractive to the customers. Being underage can be a bitch. Finally, tattoos are permanent and very hard to get off. It would be hard to pick one design and to stick with that design for the rest of your life.

Most people change their mind about everything at least three times. What may have seemed cool when you were 25 is completely different kind of cool when you are 55. Also, your body changes too. You wont have the same body at 25 when you are 55. That tattoo will be there forever unless you decide to use laser surgery to have it remove, which would cost at least a thousand more than the tattoo itself.

Then, after you have it removed you will still have a scar where the tattoo use to be. You could even end up in hell for having a tattoo. God created your human body and expected you to die with that human body. Which, if you get a tattoo it would be a creation of your own and not Gods. Therefore, it would be consider a sin.

The tattoo will never go away. No matter how glamorous a tattoo is, it will harm you in some way. When you consider the dangers and conscientious result, you may think twice about a tattoo. There are so many more factors that I havent even touch upon that could stop a person from getting a tattoo. All you have to do is go to your parents and I am positive that they will discourage you from attempting to get one.

You could always enjoy the benefit of temporary tattoos. They look like real tattoos, but without the hassles of one.


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