Bmw Series

Bmw Series BMW series bmw 3 series: Extra centimetres in the interior, more miles to the gallon, better emissions figures. Just three of the on-paper improvements in the third-generation 3 Series sedan. Yet the figures only tell half the story. does: in the effortless yet seductive way it delivers its power, in the way the cabin cossets its occupants with the finest materials, and in the unmatched poise with which it sweeps round bends. It’s a package so complete, so sophisticated and so satisfying, it redefines the sports sedan.

bmw 5 series: The wisdom to learn from experience, the courage to push the limits: this is the combination that leads to lasting success, also in the world of automotive engineering. Design, comfort, safety and performance are the pillars upon which the success of the BMW 5 Series rests. bmw serie 7 : The BMW 7 Series was created from a single defining principle: timelessness. This is a vehicle that expresses the essence of BMW: Dynamic agility. Unequalled elegance. Self-assured, understated style.

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The 7 Series represents the highest levels of technical sophistication unified by classic design. Like its predecessors, this is a car that does more than simply follow the spirit of the times. The BMW 7 Series defines it. history of bmw in the middle east: A brief history In a way, BMW’s history in the Middle East goes back to the year 1924, when BMW was still only an aircraft-turbine manufacturer. That year the first intercontinental flight powered by BMW engines went to Persia.

July 1976 – the first BMW car officially sold in the UAE was a BMW 520i. 1994: The BMW regional office opened in Dubai. It was the first regional office of a European car manufacturer in the Middle East. In mid-1996 the regional training centre for BMW mechanics began operations in Dubai. A year later, a similar centre was opened in Cairo, Egypt.

The first worldwide launch of a new BMW product in the Middle East took place in Oman in March 1997, when the BMW L7 was launched at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat. The first BMW assembly plant in the Middle East was opened in June 1997 in Egypt. Quality cars Made by BMW, but assembled in the Middle East have been delivered to customers since late July 1997. facts & figures : Business Overview After the establishment of the BMW Middle East office in 1994 there has been a double digit increase of sales figures for three years in a row: 1995: +17% 1996: +25% 1997: +35% This extraordinary development is mainly due to the execellence of BMW products. The range of BMW luxury cars is constantly developing with at least two new models every year. In the Middle East, the brand has also benefitted from an overall prosperous economic situation with a continuously strong US Dollar and firm oil prices.

In line with the worldwide development, the BMW 7 Series has become the most successful car in the upper luxury segment. With the introduction of the BMW L7, the absolute star in luxury and exclusivity, BMW has pushed its drive for leadership in this segment even further Marketing Essays.


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