Bless Me Ultima

Bless Me Ultima
Children in many cultures are forced into awkward situations, such as they are expected to make life long decision. Some children (usually boys) are forced to chose a bride at the very early ages. Others are to rule kingdoms, and palaces, and some even countries.In the novel Bless Me Ultima, Antonio experiences many difficult situations that are beyond his years and force him to mature much faster then other children his age.

For example Antonio is the cause of many of his parents fights that occur. They quarrel over what Antonio would be when he is older. Antonios mother wanted Antonio to be extremely intelligent, and she wanted him to grow up to be a priest. His mother once said An education will make him a scholar, likelike the old Luna priest.(54) His mother was not very educated, and tried to live her life through Antonio. She also talked a lot about bringing honor to the family. This is where the priest part comes in. Due to Tonys mother being very religious she wanted Antonio to become a priest to bring honor to the family, and for him to have more of a relationship with god.Antonios father on the other hand did not agree with education, or Antonio becoming a priest. He thinks education is a waste of time and money. Antonios father grew up wandering on a horse back threw fields and meadows, never having any formal education. His fathers dream is to own a vineyard, and to have his sons work on it together, and make it thrive. You did not need an education to juice grapes, and therefore it was not important to him. His father is not religous, and thinks its pointless for him to become a priests. His father did not have respect for priest, due to————–. Antonio is towrn between his parents and searches for answers. He turns to Ultima for comfort She understood that as I grew I would have to chose to be my mothers priest or my fathers son(41). Although Ultima does not give Antonio straight answers on what he will grow to be she does help him through. Which is what he was longing for.
Another situation that Antonio was put in, was the witnessing of the many deaths that occurred during the novel and his young life. The first death Antonio witnessed was the death of Lupito. This is described in the book as Antonios lose of innocence. Antonio was relentless to accept the fact that he had just witnessed a mans last cry of pain. He had nowhere else to turn but to god,he was afraid that Lupito would not be accepted in heaven. Over and throught my mind ran the words of the Act of Contrition.(23) He said this because there was no priest to take his confession or say the Act of Contrition. This confused Antonio, Did God listen? Would he hear? (23) These are just some of the questions that went through his head. The second awful death that Antonio witnessed was Narciscos death. Antonio felt extreme emotional pain, it was described it as ___________________________________________________
The third death Antonio witnessed was Florences death, Florence was Antonios friend. Florence although Antonios friend does not believe in god. For many reasons, such as his mother dying when he was young, and his father drinking to his grave, and his sisters being whores. Florence didnt understand how if there is a god he could let this happen to him. Florence drown in the lake that was unattended (no life guard). Antonio was not swimming with the other boys when it happened but he came and the boys filled him in on what happened. Antonio worried about Florence whether god would forgive him and he would go to heaven, due to Florence not believing in god, and Antonio being catholic. The last death that probably had the most effect on Antonio was the death of Ultima. Ultima was Antonios mentor, he cared about her very much, they were very close. She taught Antonio everything he needed to know about life. Ultima also took care of him, And always Ultima was near me, caring for every turn I made in the process of that hideous journey.(172) Ultima changed Antonios life more then anyone ever would and losing her was the worst emotionally. Antonio took her death better, then he did Lupito but probaly felt more pain. The deaths————————

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