Bill Clintons Election Will Brighten Americas Future

Bill Clinton’s Election Will Brighten America’s Future In the recent election of Bill Clinton, the future of America is much brighter. I feel Clinton will do a much better job of solving the problems that have the most impact on the future, such as protecting the environment and improving race relations. If comprehensive action on these issues is not taken, America will slowly go down the dead-end road toward oblivion. Clinton, however, has detailed programs that strive to do something about these concerns, instead of the ignorant approach of the Republican administrations. Clinton is also more in touch with the mood of America than the aloof, confused George Bush. Although Clinton may not solve all of our problems, he at least is addressing them. For instance, on the subject of the environment, Clinton has encouraged higher auto emissions standards and more environmental technologies.

His vice-president, Al Gore, has even written a book on protecting the earth. While Republicans argue that legislative action will hurt business, it seems to me that they are not looking long-term. Isn’t protecting the freedom of future generations more important than catering to the moneyed special interests of logging and automobiles? Another issue Clinton will have more success in solving is racial conflicts. As evidenced by the Los Angeles riots, racial tensions run high in this country. Many African-Americans and Hispanics are resentful of the white power structure, and are almost at the point of doing something drastic to gain control. The Republican administrations have basically ignored these problems of the inner-city, hoping that they would just be erased by prosperity.

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These problems are not going to go away, and Bill Clinton is willing to adjust current policy so it favors all Americans, not just white, upper-class men. Overall, Clinton has much more modern solutions to foreboding problems facing America in the future. He is more focused on the problems of our generation than the administrations of George Bush or Ronald Reagan. Whether it be protecting the environment or improving race relations, Clinton is better prepared to implement beneficial reforms. The next four years should be ones of great improvement.


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