Biblical References Of The Matrix

.. is not the one. She says that maybe he will be in his next life. This causes Neo to be more willing to risk his life to save Morpheus life. Neo is eventually killed and then resurrected to become the one. Hence, the Oracles prophecy was correct.

This is very similar to what the Interpreter tells Christian. In this meeting Christian learns all that he needs to know to successfully continue on his journey.15 Another biblical reference of The Matrix is that of the rebel ship, the Nebuchadnezzar.16 In The Holy Bible, Nebuchadnezzar was a Babylonian king that destroyed Jerusalem.17 This is not one of the strongest biblical references of the film because Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the holy city, but it is closely related to the rebel forces using the ship, the Nebuchadnezzar, to destroy the matrix. The character of Cypher is intended to represent Judas Iscariot in The Holy Bible.18 Judas, also known as Devil Man, is one of Jesus disciples. Judas is the disciple that betrayed Jesus and gave his life to the Jews that murdered him. This is very similar to Cyphers betrayal towards Morpheus. The name Cypher even has a sadistic connotation to it, being a shortened version of Lucifer.19 In The Matrix Cypher leads Agent Smith directly to Morpheus so that he can be reinserted into the matrix and live an easier life. Agent Smith and Cypher make these arrangements over dinner. This dinner scene is very important to the plot of The Matrix.

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(This is the nineteenth chapter on the DVD.)* The Wachowski brothers have used many cinematographical elements to enhance the mystery and conspiracy that this scene reveals. Low key lighting is used throughout this scene to create high contrast. This lighting also suggests the secretive nature of the meeting. The main lighting source seems to be representing a candle or a small light on the table. However, there is a small amount of fill lighting behind Cypher. Normal lenses are used when the characters are speaking to one another.

When the scene first opens, the viewer is listening to Cypher describe his feelings towards the matrix and his life as a rebel. The scene then cuts to the harpist where the camera switches to a short lens. This cut serves as a break from Cyphers feeling into his actual intended plan of action. It is not until after this cut that the viewer discovers the purpose of this meeting. The dark costumes and Agent Smiths sunglasses also add a certain sense of mystery to the scene.

This scene also makes great use of sound effects. The most obvious are Cypher cutting his steak and chewing. These sound effects also add mystery to the scene because it emphasizes the silence of the conversation. * As I mentioned earlier Keanu Reeves character, Neo, is intended to represent Jesus Christ. [Neo] had to face a decision to die for all.

He was chosen to free us, who are slaves to the material, dream world. This is similar to Christ dying for [our sins].20 In his final battle with Agent Smith, Neo is murdered. In this scene he has sacrificed his life for all of humanity. Since Neo does not believe that he is the one at this point in the film, he has risked his life to save Morpheus. This can be seen as his risking his life for humanity because Morpheus can now continue pursuing his goal of finding and training the one. Neos representation of Jesus Christ becomes most apparent during the scene when he is resurrected after he is murdered by Agent Smith. Another meaningful biblical representation is that of Carrie-Anne Moss character of Trinity.

Trinity is a member of the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar who is intended to represent the biblical character of Mary Magdalene.21 In The Holy Bible Mary Magdalene dedicated her life to Jesus Christ because he once drove seven demons from her. When Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem Mary Magdalene stayed near him. She carefully watched where he was buried and faithfully went there at the earliest opportunity to care for his body. As a result, she was the very first person to see Jesus risen from the dead and the first to spread the word.22 The first evidence that Trinity is intended to represent Mary Magdalene comes when she is one of Neos biggest supporters. However, this representation becomes extremely apparent when Neo is reborn after being murdered by Agent Smith.

Trinity is right by Neos side during this suspenseful scene, and she delivers the kiss which causes him to become resurrected. * The resurrection scene is not only one of the most suspenseful scenes of The Matrix, but it is also one of the most meaningful scenes to the plot of this film. (This scene is the thirty-fifth chapter of the DVD.) The Wachowski brothers have done amazing work incorporating music and special effects into this scene. Both eloquently complement the tense action of this moment in the film. This scene alternates back and forth between action on the Nebuchadnezzar and action in the matrix.

Once again green filters are used in the matrix to emphasize the sick, decaying aspects of this computer-generated world. Just as the audience becomes convinced that Neo is passing through the door into safety, the viewer sees a close view of Agent Smith, blocking the doorway. Using all long lenses, the camera cuts from Agent Smiths face to Neos face as the audience hears a gun firing. The camera then cuts to Neos abdomen, where the viewer is now looking through Neos eyes. This is done through the use of a birds-eye-view camera angle. From this point of view, the audience sees that Neo has been shot.

From this point of view, the Wachowski brothers cut directly to the gun as Agent Smith fires another shot into Neo. After the first couple of shots, the camera cuts to a short lens, so that the viewer can see Agent Smith killing Neo from the point of view of a distant bystander. The camera then cuts back to Neo so the audience can see that Neo has been defeated. Agent Smith has emptied a round into Neo from about three feet away. .

* This scene then cuts to the Nebuchadnezzar, where the viewer sees Trinity holding Neo. A long lens is also used in this shot to create a sense of intimacy. The camera suddenly cuts back to the matrix where the audience sees Neos defeat from both Neos and Agent Smiths point of view. Since Agent Smith is standing over Neo, the camera is angled up when the viewer is in Neos point of view and vice versa. When Agent Smith is finished firing at Neo, the camera focuses in on Neo with an extremely long lens.

From here the camera follows Neo to the floor. The directors cut directly back to the Nebuchadnezzar where the audience sees Trinity holding Neo as his health monitor reveals that his heart has stopped. The camera then cuts from Trinity to Morpheus, revealing their astonishment. At this point the audience is convinced that Agent Smith has defeated Neo and he can no longer be the one . At this point the audience is taken back to the Nebuchadnezzar where the sentials are destroying the ship.

The special effects and the sound are phenomenal at this point in the scene. The directors then use a long lens to show Trinity revealing her secrets that the Oracle has shared with her. At this point we realize that Neo has to be the one, and the viewer is being prepared for a twist in the plot. Trinity kisses Neo, bringing him back to life. The lighting is very low at this point, causing high contrast and heavy shadows which hide Neos face.

Neos health monitor begins to show signs of a heart beat once again, revealing Neos resurrection to the audience. The camera then cuts back to the matrix once more, to show the viewer that Neo has risen back to life. The music becomes very loud and triumphant. The next shot uses slow motion, showing that Neo is definitely the one. He now possesses the ability to stop bullets. This scene uses phenomenal special effects, along with impressive cinematography to reveal to the audience that Neo represents Jesus Christ.

The Wachowski brothers have made a number of references to The Holy Bible in their film, The Matrix. These references have eloquently enhanced the plot of this groundbreaking science fiction film. This film basically retells the story of Jesus Christs rise in The Holy Bible, including his supporters and the one who leads to his downfall, using modern science fiction appeal and special effects. Considering The Matrix is the first film of a trilogy, it will certainly be entertaining to see what the Wachowski brothers do next with Keanu Reeves science fiction, action-packed Christ figure. Films and Cinema.


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