Bedford Boys

An Evaluation of Leadership Principles from
_______The Bedford Boys________
In deed on June 6, 1944, the little town of Bedford, VA, suffered a tragedy that would never be forgotten. But through the pain and hardship some of officers who leaded the Bedford boys displayed remarkable leadership’s principles. One of the basic functions of leadership is to unite people: bring people together to achieve common objectives. There is truth in the statement, where there is unity there is strength. This essay will offer a working definition of effective leadership principles and discuss the function of leadership as it relates to followers, motivation and power.
In order for us to look at these principles we must first learn about some of the leaders talked about in this book. We first look at a fellow Bedford boy Captain Taylor Fellers. In 1932, Fellers joined the National Guard were he was promoted to sergeant in 1935. Having been a non-commission officer for a while, Fellers decided to take military correspondence course to qualify for officer training. He attended officer training in Georgia, after returning from officer training several years later Fellers would command Company A on D-Day, June 4, 1944. Fellers was respected greatly by the others soldiers of Company A, he had grown up with these soldiers , so he know a great deal about these men that he would leader on D-Day. This was one of the leadership principles that was most important for a person in charge knowing your subordinates and there capabilities. Know that gave him a great advantage for when they began there extensive and demanding training for preparation for the events for D-Day. Along with his preparation, Fellers as a leader had studied the Allied intelligence and countless aerial shots and concluded that his men were being sent to face certain slaughter. Despite the information Fellers had to try to keep his men focus and motivated on the task at hand. Around the time of the invasion for Company A, Captain Fellers placed on bad rest he’d suffered from a bad sinus infection and was unfit to lead them on D-Day. Being a great chief you must make sacrifices, and that’s what Fellers did. Regardless of what the medical doctor said, he discarded himself from the hospital and returned to his company. See that there fearless leader had return gave the soldiers the confident and motivation they needed to carry out the mission. He’d being with those men for a long time and trained with them. He wanted to see it all the way through. Company commander Capt. Taylor N. Fellers lead 29 men off the landing craft. The Germans held their fire. The men organized themselves and rose to race to their objective some 200 yards distant. They were immediately cut down by three machine guns and two dozen snipers. This was the ultimate sacrifice of a great leader that had the choice to say on bed rest, but his unselfish ways he wanted to fight and die alongside the men he knew and trained with.


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