Balthazar Balthazars Marvelous Afternoon ( Why didnt Balthazar receive the money?) Balthazars Marvelous Afternoon , written by Gabrial Garcia Marquez, is a story about a birdcage and a poor carpenter, Balthazar. In the story, Balthazar made a beautiful birdcage that was commissioned by Pepe, the son of a rich man, Jose Montiel. However, when the carpenter took it to the boy, his father refused to pay and rather said to sell it other people. Although Balthazar got really angry, he gave the cage to Pepe as a present. At the end of the story, he told townpeople that he got much money from the rich man and bought everyone cerebratory drinks. Then, why didnt Balthazar receive the money.

First, he had no intention of money when making beautiful cage. In the story, he was accustomed to making and creating cage since childhood. So when Pepe ordered a cage, he could make small cage just quickly rather than create big and beautiful cage for two weeks; ( p 381, ll 45~50). Also, if he was interested in earning the money, he would not even start to work on the cage only by commission of the little boy because he couldnt be sure whether he can get money or not. However, Balthazar was a artist rather than a common carpenter.

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What he really wanted as making the cage was to make the little boy happier. Secondly, he felt mean and dirty about rich mans money. In this story, the cage was splendid and beautiful as much as news of its beauty had spreaded even before he finished the cage. So even though a doctor insisted on buying that cage, he didnt sell it because he made only for Pepe. But Pepes father treated Balthazar like a sly merchant but praised its beauty;(p 384, ll 45~50).

So, Balthazar thought that if he received money for the cage, it was to exchange his creative beautiful cage, in other word his pride, with dirty and mean money. Finally, in the story, Balthazar was not a realist. Although money is not all in the life, it is very difficult to live in our real society without money. However the main character didnt care about money. Probably, it is because he had no complete family. Even though he had a wife, he was living with her without marrying and having baby. That is, he felt less responsible to earn money than common married man.

Usually, our parents want to earn the money as much as possible just for their children and family, not for themselves. Throughout their long lives and their real socity, they have learned that money is necessary to survive and that is the reality that they cant avoid. However, here Balthazar felt not so much responsible and keeping his pride and making artwork was more important. In conclusion, at the end of the story, why Balthazar didnt receive money was because he wanted to give him just gift and he didnt want to sell his pride to dirty money. Moreover, in this story, because he didnt feel responsible for making money, he didnt receive money. English Essays.


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