Babe Ruth Was A Great

BABE RUTH WAS A GREAT… 1. Babe Ruth was a great baseball player. He played on the Yankees and on the Red Socks. I bet you didnt know that, never mind I will tell you later.

2. Babe had a nickname it was The Bambino. Talk about nickname Babe Ruth was not his real name. Well Ruth was his last name but Babe was an another nickname. Babe Ruths real name was George Herman Ruth.

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Babe was born 1895 and when he was young he loved baseball. He played in his teens for farm teams. He started his career in 1923. 3. What is pretty cool is that Babe played on the Red Socks.

Then he got paid to go to the Yankees. He got better every year. He hit more home runs in his career then the whole team hit in two years. Every time that Babe got up to bat they were looking for a home run. 4.

Before Babe went to the Yankees his led the Red Socks to many world series. After a few years he led in the most home runs, stolen bases, and batting average. Some of those records still stand. If he was not playing he was announcing. Remember when I said you will find out later well this is it, Babes manager always congratulated him and poured beer on his head.

Then in 1948 Babe said goodbye to baseball. Then a few months later Babe said goodbye to life. He died. 5. Thats all I have to say about Babe and his great career. Every year in Yankee stadium they have Babes day . Next time it comes up you should go.


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