Automobile Maintance

Your vehicle is equipped with an
adjustable tilt and telescoping steering
wheel, power height adjust drivers seat,
and power adjustable pedals (except on
Base models). This combination of features
allows optimum positioning of the
driver for both comfort and safety.

1. Seating Adjustment
Adjust the seat fore/aft, up/down, and
recline, so you can comfortably reach
the HVAC system, audio unit and other

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Manual Fore/Aft Seat Adjustment Lever
Two-Way Power Seat Height Control
Six-Way Power Seat Control (if equipped)
See Section 1 of your Owner Manual.

2. Throttle and Brake Pedal
Adjust the brake and accelerator pedals
fore/aft to a comfortable and safe operating

See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.

3. Steering Column Adjustment
Pull lever down to unlock.

Adjust the steering wheel fore/aft
and up/down, so that you have
comfortable reach and separation to
the steering wheel.

Move lever back to locked position.

See Section 3 of your Owner Manual.

Unlatching the MAXX Decklid
Remote Keyless Entry System
(Remote Keyless Entry
with Remote Start
shown. Without Remote
Start is similar.)
: If your vehicle
has this feature, it is
used to start and
stop the engine.

(Lock): Press this
button to lock all the
doors. The interior lamps will turn off
after all the doors are closed. If enabled
through the Driver Information Center
(DIC), the parking lamps will flash once
to indicate locking has occurred. If
enabled through the DIC, the horn will
also chirp to indicate locking has

(Unlock): Press this button to unlock
the drivers door. If the button is pressed
again within five seconds, all remaining
doors will unlock. The interior lamps will
illuminate and remain on for 10 seconds
or until the ignition is turned on. If
enabled through the DIC, the parking
lamps will flash twice and the horn will
chirp twice to indicate unlocking has

(Remote Trunk Release): The
trunk or liftgate will unlock when this button
on the transmitter is pressed and
held for approximately one second. You
can open the trunk with the transmitter
when the vehicle is in PARK (P) or NEUTRAL

(Vehicle Locator/Panic Alarm): A
new Vehicle Locator feature has been
added to your cars Remote Keyless
Entry. Press and hold this button for
approximately one second to locate your
vehicle. The horn will sound three times
and the headlamps and parking lamps
will flash three times.

To sound the panic alarm, press and
hold the button for three seconds. The
horn will sound and the headlamps and
parking lamps will flash for two minutes.

Press the button again to cancel the
panic alarm.

Unlock Functions without RKE Fob
Your vehicles passenger doors and
trunk/liftgate can also be unlocked using
the drivers door key/cylinder.

With the key in the cylinder:
1. Turn key toward rear of vehicle and
back to center once to unlock the
drivers door.

2. Turn key toward rear of vehicle and
back to center twice to unlock all
3. Turn key toward rear of vehicle and
back to center three times to unlock

See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.

If the liftgate
you can
open it by
the touch
pad switch located on the underside of
the liftgate trim panel, slightly to the right
of center. (see above).

See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.

Getting to Know Your Malibu / Malibu MAXX 6
Remote Vehicle Start System
(if equipped)
This feature allows you to start the
engine from outside the vehicle by using
the remote keyless entry transmitter.

(Normal transmitter range is within 196
feet of the vehicle.)
You can also pre-set the vehicles climate
control system to heat or cool the
vehicle interior before getting in. The
engine will run for about 10 minutes
before turning itself off, but can be
extended 10 minutes more by performing
another remote start sequence
before the first 10 minutes expires, or
after the engine has shut off.

No additional remote starts are allowed
until the vehicle has been started with
the ignition key.

Starting the Vehicle
1. Aim the transmitter at the vehicle.

2. Press the LOCK button on the transmitter,
release it and immediately
press and hold the remote start
button for at least four seconds
or until the turn signal lights flash,
indicating the engine has started.

3. When the vehicle starts, the parking
lamps will light and stay on while the
engine is running.

4. Repeat these steps for a 10-minute
time extension.

Turning Off the Engine After a
Remote Start
To turn off the engine, press and hold
the remote start button until the
parking lamps turn off, OR, press and
release the hazard warning flasher
button inside the vehicle.

See Section 2 of your Owner Manual.

Note: If your vehicle is equipped with
Remote Starting, instructions for operating
this feature are provided on a tag
that can be attached to your vehicles
key chain for easy reference.


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