Autobiographical Sketch

Autobiographical Sketch I was born on June 7, 1983 to two loving parents in the small town of Warrensburg, New York. I was the second of two children to be born to John and Jacqueline Farndell. In 1981 they were blessed with my brother Jason. The four of us lived in a small apartment in Warrensburg for two years. We then lifted our roots and moved to an even smaller town called Greenwich.

This is where I currently live. We live in an old house that my father bought from my great-grandmother. I started school at the age of five. I attended Schuylerville Elementary School, which actually was closer to where we lived than Greenwich Elementary. At the end of my Kindergarten year my stable family life grew shaky. My Parents divorced.

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My brother and I stayed with my father in Greenwich and my mother moved to an apartment in Arygle just north of us. We visited her every other Sunday from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. Eventually we saw her more often. In 1989 my father met his future wife, Betty Mullen. They married in 1991. She had two sons, Norm and Chris. Norm was 18 and Chris was 16.

Our house just didn’t seem big enough for the six of us. My dad being an Architect drew up some plans for a complete remodel and an addition to our house. It was a slow process, but eventually with the help of all six of us the remodel was complete. Ironically, as soon as the building project was finished Norm went off to college at the State University of Albany and Chris joined the United States Army. The house now seemed empty. Soon after, my Grandmother moved in.

She was a welcomed addition to the house. She lived with us for about four years, then moved in a nursing home in Argyle. There she could have 24 hour supervision. She was stricken with the terrible disease of Alzheimer. By this time I was attending Schuylerville Jr./Sr. High. I did well and had many friends. I was involved in the Yearbook committee and was an active member of the Spanish Club for four years. For two of those years I held the proud honor of being the President.

I also filled my study halls at the Elementary School. I volunteered to help out in a Kindergarten Art class and a first grade class. I took any opportunity that I could get to be in the classroom. I played Basketball and Field Hockey up until the time that I had to have knee surgery. I had to give up my love for the game. Two years later I saw the inside of the emergency room again.

This time it was to have my enlarged gallbladder removed. This brings me right to the middle of my Senior year at Schuylerville. I am currently interning at Skidmore College with their pre-K program. Though Schuylerville’s Work Experience Program I have been able to spend my afternoon at various classrooms. I interned at Schuylerville Elementary in a Third grade class and also with a Co-K class.

I look forward to completing this sector of my education and moving onto the next step, hopefully at Oneonta. Acceptance Essays.


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