The Goddess Artemis
Those who invated Artemiss privacy, her goals, or restricted her freedom where paid dearly. When the hunter, Actaeon, accidentally came upon Artemis while she was bathing, she turned him into a stag and then his own hunting dogs attacked him and tore him to pieces. Artemis is the goddess of hunting and the moon. Her Roman name is Diana, and Greek name is Artemis. Artemis symbols are a crescent, a stag, and arrows. Artemis has many characteristics and is connected to todays society in many ways. She has a big family and lots of stories behind them, and there are many myths about her.
First of all, Artemis had many different characteristics. Many people call Artemis wonder women, because she can do almost anything. She is brave as any man, as strong as any man, and can hunt and kill any beast. She can be described as an environmentalist. Artemis was not know to have a satisfying relationship with men, not including her brother. She always was responsive to the needs or the vulnerable and the suffering. Artemis was the most independent of the goddesses, and one who lived for new challenges. In todays society many people get the wonder women character from her and place them on the more recent wonder women. She is seen as a feminist goddess to many people in this society. When people in todays society use the bow and arrow as a symbol for hunter they get it from Artemis.
Not only did she have many characteristics, but she had a very loving family. Artemiss twin brother is Apollo. She loved her brother and was very close to him. Artemiss mother was Leto, Artemis and Apollo both adored there mother. No one could ever say anything bad about Leto with Artemis and Apollo doing something about it. Artemis caused her mother no pain during childbirth. Artemiss father was Zeus king of the gods. When Zeus asked Artemis what she wanted for her third birthday, she told him that she just wanted six simple gifts and Zeus gave them to her.
Finally there are many myths about Artemis. The only time Artemis ever loved a man, Apollo got jealous and tricked her. One day, Apollo bet that Artemis couldnt hit the object swimming in the distant water with an arrow. She was filled with confidence in her skill with her archery, and accepted his challenge. Artemis was successful as always, then she discovered that her wanting to win had just killed the only man she had ever loved. Artemis turned her dead lover into stars. Never again did she allow herself to fall in love. She was always up for a challenge, and she never could not let anyone beat her that is not always the best thing. Once a women named Niobe told the people that they should not worship Leto and she should worship her instead. When Artemis and Apollo heard this they became very angry. Niobe said that she has more children so she would do the job better. Niobe had seven sons and seven daughters. Apollo shot his hard arrows at Niobes seven sons with no fault and killed the seven sons. Then Artemis let fly her painless shafts at the seven daughters. Then the seven daughters laid down on there beds and died. Niobes heart was now broken. She cried for so long that at last the gods felt sorry for her and turned her into an unfeeling rock. Artemis would do anything for her mother that she loved very much.
Altogether Artemis was a strong and very brave goddess. She had some sympathy also. She loved her brother and mother more than anything. Artemis was not the normal goddess. She did not want to be forced to be married. Artemis also did not want to dress like a lady should dress, she wanted a bow and arrow to hunt with like her brother. Artemis was completely fearless and never let anything to stand in her way. They could tell from a young age what she was going to rule over, and what she was going to be able to accomplish. Artemis was a natural at hunting and being a protector for the weak. Artemis was an important goddess with many jobs. She was feared by many and that is what she loved so much!


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